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CD-Clean COVID-19 new disinfection formulation participates in the Post-COVID city challenges of the EIT Urban Mobility Virtual Summit 2020


  • EIT Urban Mobility has supported in its first year of operations a total of 76 international projects that provide mobility solutions, with an investment of over 27 million euros.


  • Among the initiatives are CD-Clean COVID-19 new disinfection formulation, a permanent disinfectant to eliminate COVID-19 which is being tested in the metro and buses in Barcelona with positive results and participated in international events and congresses.



Barcelona, ​​10 December 2020 – The challenges posed to cities as a result of the COVID-19 crisis is the central axis of the EIT Urban Mobility 2020 Summit, which will be held virtually from Wednesday 9 until Friday 11 of December. For three days, experts on urban mobility, scientists and businesses will present their proposals to make cities more liveable and will analyse how cities, industry and research and academia try to overcome the crises affecting urban mobility related to climate, health and the economy. The Secretary of State for Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda of the Spanish Government, Pedro Saura, the Councillor for Mobility of the Barcelona City Council, Rosa Alarcón, the Director of the European Institute of Urban Innovation (EIT), Martin Kern, and the CEO of EIT Urban Mobility, Maria Tsavachidis, opened the event.


Nearly 5 million euros have been allocated to fund 11 innovation projects as part of the exceptional COVID-19 Crisis Response call to address urban mobility challenges posed by the pandemic among them CD-Clean COVID-19 new disinfection formulation. As part of EIT’s Crisis Response Initiative, this is one of the projects that directly contribute to the European Union’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. By applying a vaporised disinfectant solution with a long-lasting effect, this new disinfection formulation represents an ecological alternative to conventional cleaning and disinfectant products.


CD-Clean COVID-19 new disinfection formulation is an innovative, environmental, scalable and inspiring solution for mobility infrastructures such as bus, metro, airport and train stations. Led by the global corporate Ferrovial, through its subsidiary Ditecpesa, it involves companies and organizations from Spain, Belgium and Poland such as Ferrovial, Barcelona City Council, the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB), Transports Metropolitans of Barcelona (TMB) and the Finnova foundation from Brussels.





Hands-on pilot tests


On September 3rd, the headquarters of the Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) hosted the kick-off meeting of the CD-Clean COVID-19 new disinfection formulation project. The purpose was to define the methodology and elements of public transport to be analysed in the laboratory and thus check the efficiency of the disinfectant solution. The selected users in the pilot test were the Barcelona Metropolitan Area and the Transports Metropolitans of Barcelona, whose function was to validate and apply the solution.


Members of the consortium participated in the definition of the elements to carry out the verification tests and in the work of extracting the elements to be taken to the laboratories, where the effectiveness of this solution would be checked as the test runs over the periods of 7, 14, 21 and 28 days.  After much research and working hours, the first real application of permanent disinfection against COVID19 was carried out the 30th of September and 1st of October. Currently, these elements where the solution was applied are being tested and studied with coronavirus strains.


Protecting people’s Health, the environment and restoring confidence to tourists and public transport users



CD-Clean COVID-19 new disinfection formulation commitment is to both the health crisis, and urban mobility, as well as the climate emergency. Furthermore, the project is committed to the Agenda 2030 for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: 3 (Good Health); 6 (Clean Water); 7 (Clean Energy); 8 (Economic Growth); 9 (Industry and Infrastructure); 13 (Climate action) and 17 (Partnership). Which is why it has been presented through online webinars within the framework of the EU Green Week in October, the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) in November and disseminated on congresses and forums related to environmentally sustainable disruptive solutions tackling the current health crisis. Next online event takes place on Wednesday 16th of December from 17:00 to 19:00 and will be about the future applications of this solution and others fighting against the health crisi with the participation of international organizations such as the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).



About EIT Urban Mobility


EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), aims to accelerate solutions and the transition towards a user-centric, integrated and truly multimodal transport system. As the leading European innovation community for urban mobility, EIT Urban Mobility works to avoid fragmentation by facilitating collaboration between cities, industry, academia, research and innovation to solve the most pressing mobility challenges of cities. Using cities as living labs, its industry, research and university partners will demonstrate how new technologies can work to solve real problems in real cities by transporting people, goods and waste in smarter ways.


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It is one of the leading global infrastructure operators, committed to the development of sustainable solutions. The company is listed on the IBEX 35, forms part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and FTSE4Good, and applies the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, signed by the company in 2002, to all its operations.  Ditecpesa, leads this innovative project and is the one who has joined the efforts of Startups through its open promotion. 


Finnovaregio Foundation:


Belgian foundation that supports the financing of innovation in companies, regions and municipalities. Its areas of expertise are technology transfer and innovation in sustainable development, the circular economy, water and waste management, employment and youth, ICT and tourism. In this project Finnovaregio is in charge of the communication and legal dimension. 


Intelligent Infrastructure Innovation Centre (IC3): 


Non-profit foundation that develops innovation projects and consultancies in cities, highways, buildings, airports, water and environment. It has extensive experience in national and European subsidised projects.



 Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (MAB):


It is the public administration of the metropolis of Barcelona, a large urban conurbation formed by a total of 36 municipalities. It designs and plans metropolitan mobility and manages metropolitan public transport services. Among the main services, the MAB plans and manages the Metropolitan Bus and the Metro. It is precisely in these two services that the MAB is coordinating, together with MTB, its own direct management operator, the pilot tests of the European CD-Clean project.   


Metropolitan Transports of Barcelona (MTB):


It is the main public transport operator in Catalonia and a true benchmark for transport and citizen mobility companies in Europe and around the world. Together with the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, it coordinates the pilot tests of CD-Clean, providing its own facilities and means of transport for the first tests outside the laboratory.



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