Startup Europe Awards

“Startup Europe Summit was a key event in NorthQ’s business development journey. Connections made with key stakeholders, partnerships forged and agreements reached will make a difference to our future growth. NorthQ will continue to work with DG CNECT to help the European Commission become a role model and economic driver for data driven buildings. StartUp Europe Awards will strengthen our credibility in the market and help our search for funding opportunities and investors.”

Christian Von Scholten. NorthQ CEO.

“We are thrilled to receive this acknowledgement of OKRA’s growth journey since we started in 2016. Europe is in a unique position to adopt and scale artificial intelligence in healthcare, and make the shift to a more precise healthcare system that proactively supports patient health. I am grateful to the European Commission and the Finnova Foundation for this platform to drive the discussion around AI technology in Europe further. AI is here and already having a great impact. The OKRA team is working very hard to make this a reality, and I am proud to lead a company where women are frontrunners.”

Loubna Bouarfa. OKRA Technologies CEO.

“We are excited and honoured to receive the Startup Europe Award. It’s great to see this level of support for European startups and the focus at European level on how to remove regulatory misalignment between European countries to enable local companies to scale effectively”.

Martin Villig. Bolt CEO.

“Before StartUp Europe Awards, we won in the past 2 years another 9 prizes. This one was the number ten. However, it was the biggest. We loved it! We’ve got a lot of media coverage and because of this prize, we successfully signed several partnerships with huge companies, with Ministry of Communication and Informational Society from Romania. It was our biggest boost forward so far! Strongly recommended to anyone!”

Alina Ferseta. Kidibot CEO.

“It was a real honour for TempBuddy to be selected to represent Ireland amongst the 84 startups competing for the SEUA awards. I am so proud to receive this truly significant award on behalf of the entire team who have brought TempBuddy from concept to a multi-award winning reality. Our vision is to make life easier for the flexible workforce, helping more people find temporary work when and where they want […] To be recognised as the winner for the SEUA social category highlights how innovative and unique our software is.
The awards’ process and ceremony were very well organised and executed. It was a brilliant experience to be at the European Parliament meeting outstanding entrepreneurs and learning about many innovative concepts, as well as to have the opportunity to speak to Michel Servoz, Director of Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, and Mairead McGuinness, Vice President of the European Parliament. We would definitely recommend the awards to other startups.”

Roderick Smyth, TempBuddy  CEO and Founder

“Both the Consorcio Zona Franca de Vigo and I feel so proud to have received this award recognising the effort of a whole team that works every day to foster the work of entrepreneurs and the startups of our region. This award reinforces our engagement with the values of entrepreneurship and encourages us to continue supporting strongly this important task.
I would like to thank Finnova Foundation for all the work done to make this initiative possible. I am very sure that this first edition will be followed by many others that will be, I have no doubt, profitable”.
 Teresa Pedrosa, Delegate of the State of Consorcio Zona Franca de Vigo

Tespack wins StartUp Europe Awards placing Finland and Finnish technology as first in the Energy category and thus getting to be known as one of the first 100% wearable smart wear brands in the market. It was a great honour to be recognised as the Best Energy Startup in EU by the European Parliament and European Commission and to receive the award from the Latvian MP Inese Vaidere.

Close to Finland’s 100 years anniversary, we are extremely proud and happy to bring this award from the EU since this is something we consider as our gift to our country. We are sure that Finland deserves the 1st place not only in the energy area but in general.

Mario Aguilera, Tespack CEO

“The high level of the final innovation together with the possibility to receive this award by the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani make us very proud. Being chosen as the best European startup in HEALTH category in a prestigious context like this one, confirms the high Modenese and Italian medical excellence. We dedicate this award to the city of Modena and institutions that have shown their support since the very first day of our birth”

Mary Franzese, NeuronGuard CEO.