Startup Europe Awards

HexWix is going to represent Ukraina at SEUA17 for the creative category

Country: Ukraine

Category: Creative

Project aim: HexWix is a bridge from amateurs to professional cybersport. We are developing the platform because we want to raise cybersport to a new level with the process that we can see in each kind of sports.

What does HexWix want to achieve?

Let’s take a football. Parents send their child to a sports’ school, spend money for his development, hire coaches, personal managers etc. And everybody knows what they need to do to build a successful career for this child. But we do not have this in cybersport. There aren’t any processes and everything happens chaotically and unsystematically. Nobody knows where to look for sponsors, how to build a team, how to develop it and what to do after that. We want to integrate these processes at a global level. We will connect all the main market participants in one environment. We are developing the tool for management eSport organizations.

What happened when HexWix was launched?

After launching of our ecosystem we helped gamers to make a step in professional eSport. Our platform solves problems of amateur eSport in a complex. There is a research of new players or teams, team management, events, training, analytics, creation and management of tournaments, communications among different attendees of platforms: captains, players, coaches, managers, sponsors.

Our main goal is to make the cybersport clean and understandable for each of these roles and to give an opportunity for development.

Who is going to participate?

There are many players who would like to become a part of eSport and develop it in Europe. We want to acquire them in our platform and create comfortable conditions for the daily use of the platform.

And also, there are many companies at different levels that are interested and it would be profitable for them to become a part of eSports. And we are ready to help them to get nearer to the young audience of gamers, to grow loyalty for their brands, to give new opportunities for promoting their products and services.

What is the future of the market?

The development of this new market is a great opportunity for creating new niche products and services, and we are ready to offer tools to a direct access to the target audience.

Entering the European market will help us to reach a new level and we will help european gamers and companies to use opportunities of the newest eSport market.


“I’m very grateful for this nomination and for the opportunity to go to the European final. For me, like a CEO, the opportunity to be at the final is an additional confession that my project is important. This approves that people understand the importance of these changes for cybersport market and are ready to support this initiative. And also, this is an opportunity to find new contacts, new partners or investors.”  Romeo Sirenko, HenWix´s CEO