Startup Europe Awards

Hypermedia Interactive Services Ltd is the cypriot winner for the Tourism category

Country: Cyprus

Category: Tourism

Project Aim: Sustainable Hospitality Practices” is a bespoke eLearning and Performance Ecosystem solution that delivers focused training to hospitality enterprises committed to sustainability.

What does Hypermedia Interactive Services offer to the users?

We apply gamification techniques to maximize knowledge, engagement and motivation to learn. We address varied training requirements, including behavioural change, induction and on-boarding.

Sustainable Hospitality Practices features 19 modules designed around all hotel departments/operations and 100% self-paced learning in Greek or English versions. It is convenient and multi-device accessible, provides progressive and innovative sustainable practices and can be customized to address the unique needs of every hotel.

How does it work?

Hotels set up internal competitions and hold weekly contests for all their staff. By using leaderboards, scoreboards and badges staff, employees are motivated to work in a more “sustainable” environment, learn how to engage in sustainable best practices in the workplace with “smart” “no or low-cost” practices and help reduce the organisation’s carbon footprint and contribute to sustainable development.

What is the problem it tries to solve?

Hotels are pressured by regulators to address their sustainability obligations. They are also pressured by stakeholders in the business world to adopt sustainability into their business models. Even if a hotel has the most ambitious sustainability policy in place, unless all staff understands the philosophy behind it, and has the commitment to put it into action, it will not be successful.  Attitudinal barriers exist and reflect negative perceptions, motivation and interest around the complex concept of sustainability. There is also the big challenge of integrating and engaging Millennials, the largest generation in the workforce, who are “Digital Natives” and learn by playing games.

How does the business of this company work?

We offer 3 plans that cater for budgets and businesses of every size. Since our baby launch last February, we have entered into a strategic alliance with the leading authority in sustainable tourism in Cyprus. We have made sales to hotels. We have also made sales to universities and vocational institutions from which we are receiving very positive feedback. We plan to enter the Greek market this year.

What does this recognition mean for the company?

This recognition amplifies both the credibility of our innovation as well as our speed-to-market and acceptance level in Europe, the world’s no 1 tourist destination, which is massive and growing.