Startup Europe Awards

ReDi Isokinetic Summary is the Croatian winner for the e-Health category

Country: Croatia

Category: E-Health

Project Aim: The Company wants to improve and manufacture the newest line of very precise diagnostics and rehabilitation devices, and become the biggest European provider of isokinetic devices to the health related clinics. Vision is to make therapies affordable to all the patients who need it, and to provide them with better quality of life.



What does ReDi Isokinetic do?

To us it is important to create high tech device with enhanced efficiency in rehabilitation and therapy of precisely targeted number of conditions (legs, hips knees), at affordable price for medical and sport institutions. Our product will come with unique software and education that will allow its users to achieve highest level of rehabilitation efficiency for their clients.

Marketing plan will target regional and international government and private medical and sport institutions who are providing physical therapy and rehabilitation, or diagnostics. Part of the marketing reach will also be to direct customers interested in treating their conditions in the Clinic. Market size only in Europe is estimated above 5 billion EURO. There are at least 80 000 rehabilitation institutions.

What is ReDi Isokinetic’s future?

The global medical devices market is in constant growth and offers tremendous opportunity for new manufacturers, as well as significant challenges, for government policymakers seeking to support competitiveness in overseas markets. Some countries consider that industry as one of the most important ones. For example U.S. Government thinks that “encouraging and fostering U.S.-based healthcare industries is critical to the future of the U.S. economy, which is why medical technology is a National Export Initiative priority.

First goal is to go from prototype to production device, with additional work from engineering and production specialists. This goal also includes securing finances for development and production in the range of 150 to 250k Euros.

Second goal is to conclude and publish clinical trials based on the results from the Isokinetic device.

Trends are showing that number of people doing sports as a recreation is rapidly growing in the last decade. Predictions are that many of them will have the need for therapies and rehabilitation.