Startup Europe Awards

Spain will be represented by 17 startups in the Eurovision of Startups

StartUp Europe Awards (SEUA) is an initiative of the European Commission and the Finnova Foundation, supported by the President of the European Parliament, the President of the Committee of the Regions, the Vice-President of the Economic and Social Committee and several Members of the European Parliament. SEUA is supported by the StartUp Europe Accelerator of the Finnova Foundation.

StartUp Europe Awards presents an award methodology for startups at local, regional, national and European level that encourages open innovation and collaboration between different actors in the European ecosystem, through public-private partnerships to support entrepreneurs. It also creates a network of contacts that will inspire and give visibility to all local startups so that, using this network, they can scale their services and products globally.

In the Agritech category the selected one is Kowat. This startup offers solutions through the study, design, patenting, manufacture and marketing of biomimetic devices for the elimination of animal pests, especially in agricultural and aquaculture crops.

Solatom will represent Spain in the Climate category. Valencians develop concentrating solar thermal plants that concentrate the sun to generate elevated temperature heat for industrial processes.  Our modular and transportable approach allows small and medium-sized industries to use a solar alternative to fossil fuels at a competitive price.

Broomx Technologies is a leading company in the creation of immersive experiences in real spaces. Manufacturers of MK Player360, a unique projection system for enjoying VR and 360° multimedia content without the need for individual VR headphones, and Broomx’s VR content platform. They will compete in the Creative category.

In the Cybersecurity category, Tyris Software. This is a technology company with expertise in the development of innovative products in the fields of intelligent imaging and data processing. The combination of these technologies encompasses fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

The Asturian Zapiens will compete in the Edtech category. In Zapiens we have “Zap”, an assistant equipped with artificial intelligence capable of doing a natural language processing, capturing the knowledge of users for later use in the organization without depending on specific people. Zap detects experts in each subject and trains new users, transmitting knowledge to each other.

GAMCO is a pioneering company in the creation of Software Solutions based on predectivie models, obtained from Artificial Intelligence and Automatic Learning. GAMCO’s technology allows the rapid diffusion of the Knowledge Systems developed for each business, with the objective of resolving and optimizing operations and decisions. This startup will represent Spain in the e-Health category.

In Fashion, the selected one is Wide Eyes. Wide Eyes Technologies has developed a unique Imaging Recognition and Artificial Intelligence technology for the fashion and e-commerce industry. This technology not only allows users to discover fashion through images, but also to search, tag, and find images without using a single word. Today, we can really change the paradigm and affirm:”an image is worth no more than 1000 words… an image is worth more than an image”.

In Gastronomy, the Valencian Uncovercity. They, along with Cabify take you to enjoy gastronomic experiences without knowing the destination until you arrive.

The mission of Miracoil, winner of the Green category, is to promote scientific research in the field of hydrocarbons, renewable energies and natural resources, recycling of all types of materials. The value proposition lies in the efficiency of the Thermomechanical Cracking Process, a technology and methodology that makes it possible to obtain liquid hydrocarbons and create second-hand biofuels.

At IoT, WeTech is the team that will represent Spain. Wetech is a company that develops and markets systems for secure interactions with wearables and IoT devices. Our solutions allow payments, personal identification and access control for sectors such as consumer electronics, watchmaking and jewelry, banking, retail, tourism, health or industry 4.0. Our capacity for innovation is based on our knowledge of advanced cybersecurity and communication technologies and the collaboration with leading technology partners worldwide.

In the Legal category, those responsible for representing Spain will be Welegal. This platform changes the traditional model of claiming your rights. Now you won’t have to wait that long to collect your severance pay or go after your lawyer to find out about your case.

Smart Cities award-winning Azahar Management is a startup that has developed the low-cost system based on a new disruptive technology that combines biological aerobic digestion and mechanical waste treatment. The system is completely closed, generates no harmful emissions or odours and the by-product is not only hygienic and environmentally friendly, but also valuable as a resource. The project offers a valuable solution within the framework of the circular economy to convert waste into a resource.

Eyesynth is an audiovisual system for the blind. It consists of a pair of glasses connected to a microcomputer. The system records the surrounding environment in three dimensions. The collected data is then converted into audio that is comprehensible to the blind. This startup will represent Spain in the Social category.

Space winner Fuvex from Navarre is a startup that develops drones weighing between 5 and 25 kilograms.

Finally, HomySpace is the winner in the Tourism category. The Valencian startup is a company of temporary rental and monthly rent for companies and workers posted in the main Spanish and European cities. Property owners and managers now have a legal and secure solution to rent their flats on a seasonal basis by accommodating companies with mobile employees.