Startup Europe Awards


BZB UAS is the Polish winner of Agritech category

Country: Poland

Category:  Agritech

Project Aim: BZB UAS works integrating a drone with multispectral sensor, which gives the possibility to monitor agricultureand forest areas. From the data collected, it selects the appropriate quantities of fertilizer, finds macronutrient deficiencies and asses the condition of the grasslands and erosion on the slopes.

What does BZB UAS do?

Thanks to the help of the drone, we are able to generate large production savings and protect our environment (ground water) from contamination with excess of nitrogen fertilizer.

Our value proposition is fully autonomous Unmanned aerial system type VTOL (vertical take-off and land). It is a hybrid that combines the advantages of multirotor (drone) and plane.

Over 80% of aviation accidents (large and small- “drone” aviation) are caused by the human factor. By creating fully autonomous hybrid, we limited human factor in the aerial operation to a minimum.

Aircraft solution requires special launcher or hand throw to start the mission. With VTOL we need only a few meters of space to do the same. Aircraft have also problems with landing- its structure in susceptible to damage. Only multirotor or helicopter solution allows vertical take-off and land, but they have few disadvantage -lower operating range and flight speed.

Currently drones released for the commercial market do not have sufficient power resources to complete their tasks during long missions. Flight time of 20-90 minutes is definitely not enough to satisfy the most demanding customers. Our solution allows up to 4 hours of flight.

We have a working prototype and we are currently starting the commercialization.

CEO’s testimony:

Representing our country and Europe is a great distinction for our company. The nomination shows that drones and their various applications in the future will occupy a significant place in our world.

For me, as the CEO of BZB UAS company, the nomination to the European final gives Great satisfaction. We know that we are doing something very important and necessary for people, but understanding it by other people is invaluable and gives us more power to hard work.


Agricolus is the Italian winner of Agritech category

Country: Italy

Category:  Agritech

The Project Aim: Agricolus is a cloud applications ecosystem for precision farming with multiple purposes: disease awareness and forecasts, crop monitoring, decision support system for treatments and fertilizers, farm management and end to end traceability bringing valuable information to final users. It is already on the market and multinational agroholding companies, medium –big farms, association of farmers and government are using it successfully.

The problem to solve:

By using modern data collection technologies AGRICOLUS has the following functions:

Informatization of AGRICULTURAL MANAGEMENT for easier storage of Plot’s data and analysis, SUPPORT in order to administer differential treatments and other operations for the crops (fertilizers, plant protection products and irrigation), ALERT about diseasesand other adversities that can affect crops using proprietary algorithms.

What are the faced challenges?

  • International market competition with products coming from unruled countries that produce at very low cost. The effect is a reduction of the profit due to the need of reducing final selling prices. For this reason they have to reduce costs increasing quality at the same time.
  • Climate change requires continuous adaptation of the best time to proceed with any agricultural operation (seeding, fertilizing, manuring, irrigating, harvesting…). They need a real time support to understand the right timing for these operations.
  • AgriTech adoption is not an option but average usage in EU is far below 10% versus 80% of North America and Australia: farmers need a way to integrate these technologies in daily tasks.

What does Agritech do?

AGRICOLUS DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM is a composition of several vertical products that leverage on a common architecture that cover up to 70% of the functionalities common to all the crops, and dedicated professional algorithms for diseases forecasting and agriculture optimizations. Data are collected through satellites, drones, IoT, dedicated apps and soon with our own plug&play agriPlug device that connects tractors and other precision framing Device to Agricolus SaaS cloud.

We also provide AGRITRACK an end-to-end tracking service that can bring information on good agronomical practices directly to the end users to raise their awareness on the real value of the goods they are buying.

CEO’s testimony

Going to the final represents an opportunity to establish pilots and early adopters outside Italy, we are also seeking for industrial partners connections for supplying our products as white label (tractor producers, agro chemical companies and precision farming hardware producers) or as a bundle to improve the effectiveness of their products


Apiary Book is the Romanian winner of Agritech category

Country: Romania

Category: Agritech

Project Aim: The main goal is to raise the awareness of the youth on the significance of the bees in the nature and promote the interest for beekeeping activities. Honeybee colonies are essential for agriculture and environment, ensuring plant reproduction by pollination.


In the last years, beekeepers had to face many challenges in order to maintain their beehives and honey production, problems like losses of the bees’ colonies, strong diseases, beehives’ invaders, increasing costs of production and also products sold as honey but that they were actually synthetic, such as corn syrup, dextrose and other flavors and additives

What is the Apiary Book’s proposal?

Apiary Book aims to provide a complete solution for management of apiaries, monitoring of beehives (using IoT), innovative beekeeping system decision.

The information gathered from management app and beehive monitoring system is analysed in order to extract meaningful information for an individual beekeeper or for a group of apiaries from a region/country.

Apiary Book permits to gain the following modules:

  1. Smart management of apiaries and bee colonies monitoring using smart technologies (IoT)
  2. System decisions based on data analysis and predictions modelled by machine learning techniques (cost reduction, disease prevention)
  3. Traceability for production process of honey and other apiculture products, origin and certified quality
  4. Transparent direct marketing to the final consumer (B2C) and the marketing chain (B2B)

What is Apiary Book’s future?

Apiary Book can be used by single producers and also beekeeping companies. It’s an app that can be useful for processors and purchase of honey but also other beekeeping products. It’s a very versatile app with lots of possible usage that will improve the harvest of many beekeepers.




Agrologies is the greek winner for the agritech category

Country: Greece

Category: Agritech

Project Aim: Agrologies was created having in mind the average small-scale farmer based in Europe, the farmer who needs sustainable and affordable solutions.


Rural areas deal with serious problems, irrigation being one of them. On its own as a process irrigation can be tedious, time consuming, costly, and most of the times leads to waters, because its being done based on experience.

How we can help:

We have created Agrologies. We help farmers manage irrigation via their smartphone, anyplace, anytime! All they have to do is install the Agrologies sensors device in their field, and use the Agrologies App. Through our app they will have complete access to the data collected by the sensors, and will receive complete guidance on how to irrigate each crop according to its needs. Users will have absolute control of the irrigation process, and manage it remotely.

How we started:

Based in Athens Greece, Agrologies is currently on the final R&D period. The Agrologies team has been working with Beta users, in order to perfect its services. The team’s vision is for technology to be introduced in agriculture. Not only it could improve the yield and crops, but it could also improve farmers’ everyday life. Such technologies can and should be created within Europe, since all the assets are available.

What this recognition means to us:

Agrologies has gained recognition not only nationally (in Greece) but also in Italy and the USA. But going to the European Final with the possibility to be the winner of the Agritech category, Agrologies proves that Smart farming is applicable and should become an asset in Agriculture