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  • BZB UAS is the Polish winner of Agritech category

    BZB UAS is the Polish winner of Agritech category

    Country: Poland Category:  Agritech Project Aim: BZB UAS works integrating a drone with multispectral sensor, which gives the possibility to monitor agricultureand forest areas. From the data collected, it selects the appropriate quantities of fertilizer, finds macronutrient deficiencies and asses the condition of the grasslands and erosion on the slopes. What does BZB UAS do? Thanks […]

  • Agricolus is the Italian winner of Agritech category

    Agricolus is the Italian winner of Agritech category

    Country: Italy Category:  Agritech The Project Aim: Agricolus is a cloud applications ecosystem for precision farming with multiple purposes: disease awareness and forecasts, crop monitoring, decision support system for treatments and fertilizers, farm management and end to end traceability bringing valuable information to final users. It is already on the market and multinational agroholding companies, medium –big […]

  • Apiary Book is the Romanian winner of Agritech category

    Country: Romania Category: Agritech Project Aim: The main goal is to raise the awareness of the youth on the significance of the bees in the nature and promote the interest for beekeeping activities. Honeybee colonies are essential for agriculture and environment, ensuring plant reproduction by pollination. Problem: In the last years, beekeepers had to face […]

  • Agrologies is the greek winner for the agritech category

    Country: Greece Category: Agritech Project Aim: Agrologies was created having in mind the average small-scale farmer based in Europe, the farmer who needs sustainable and affordable solutions. Problem: Rural areas deal with serious problems, irrigation being one of them. On its own as a process irrigation can be tedious, time consuming, costly, and most of […]