Startup Europe Awards


STKTK is the Polish winner of Gastronomy category

Country: Poland

Category: Gastronomy

Project Aim: providing tools for fast and precise stocktaking for bars, restaurants and cafes. By uploading data automatically to the cloud by connecting your phone to the Bluetooth scale, the tasks schedule for employees and the control of the company’s workflow will be then easily made by the manager.

What is the problem to solve?

We think that some of the difficulties that restaurants owners and managers face get neglected by technology companies. One of them is beverage stocktaking.

It’s extra hard for gastronomy business to deal with their stocktaking. Not only they have to account for all the bottles they have in inventory, but they also must calculate the amount of liquid left in open containers. It’s important to get that right, and there are not many technologies that can help with that

What does STKTK do:

STKTK is an innovative stocktaking solution for gastronomy business. Using newest technologies (Bluetooth low energy, cloud, real-time data) we created a multi-platform application, which makes managing a bar, café or restaurant easier, less time consuming, automated, and much cheaper.

The main goal of STKTK is providing tools for a fast and precise stocktaking. All you need is connect a phone to our Bluetooth scale. Stocktake data will be automatically uploaded to the cloud, so it can be analysed on any computer or mobile device by the manager of the owner.

Stocktaking is a long and laborious process. It requires at least one working day. Traditional solutions are time consuming and expensive.

With STKTK restaurant owner gets access to our platform and smart scale. The measurement takes only a few seconds, and our algorithms guarantee its accuracy. The data is immediately sent to the cloud. This way you always have access to them, no matter where you are or wat device you are using.

STKTK also helps you generate and manage restaurants documents. That is the end of paper orders or reports. The owner can inspect the records online and download them in Excel format.

CEO’s testimony:

We are delighted with the recognition our idea received. Most of the StartUp’s in the space focus on consumer side problems, like food delivery, table bookings or restaurant ratings. We think that some of the difficulties that restaurants owners and managers face get neglected by technology companies. One of them is beverage stocktaking. Winning SEUA17 Poland in the category of Gastronomy means for us that we are not the only ones that recognize the issue and what we are going in the right direction.


SPECPRAWNIK.PL is the Polish winner of Legal category

Country: Poland

Category: Legal

Project Aim: broadening access to justice for everybody.

What does SPECPRAWNIK.PL do:

SPECPRAWNIK.PL is a marketplace for people searching for lawyers. We provide users with innovative ways of presenting lawyers and their specialization, experience, reviews and certificates. Our solution enables customers to receive from lawyers a free legal advice, both online and over the phone. We also offer a convenient system with ready-to-buy legal services. The reason we wanted to join SEUA is to present our solutions, which aims to broaden access to justice for everybody.


HYPER POLAND is the Polish winner of Green Category

Country: Poland

Category: Green

Project Aim: travelling is a necessity and an essential part of life. Transport models have become more complex and individualized. The solution developed by HYPER POLAND aim at revolutionizing transports of the 21th century – ultra fast, affordable and completely Green.


Hyper Poland is a multidisciplinary team of experts (engineers, architects, and business developers) working on the development of a new model of transport: a vacuum train called The Hyperloop. The goal of our startup is to create technical solutions, conditions and specifications for new technologies that are indispensable for launching the first line of Hyperloop in Europe.

What does HYPER POLAND do:

We want Poland and Europe to have their own contribution to the development of the foundations for this new technology, and to be one of the pioneers by constructing the first commercial Hyperloop line. To implement the whole Hyperloop system, new technologies are necessary that require new innovative ideas and solutions from many fields of science. They can be developed in Europe by European enterprises and scientific institutions.

Hyperloop combines the advantages of trains and aircrafts, and the same time eliminates the disadvantages of currently dominant means of transport. In a globalized world, transport of people and goods is fastly growing, but the current infrastructure is not able to meet the increasing demand for transport services. Both, passenger and freight hyperloop vehicles move in tubes with low vacuum conditions and thus can reach speeds of up to 1,200 km/h, while consuming up to 1.000 times less energy than in the normal atmospheric conditions at sea level. The vehicles will move without contact to the ground, using magnetic levitation and air bearings, accelerating and stopping using linear motor.

Power systems will include renewable sources, i.e. perovskite solar cells, and more efficient wind turbines (up to 50-60% of energy generated for hyperloop tubes) and will be integrated with dedicated energy storage systems via intelligent, partially al-based, energy management system that will optimize the power consumption. Autonomous pods will have real-time energy optimization of velocity profiles that will bring additional energy savings.

With its door-to-door approach, hyperloop serves the exact transport demand and therefore eliminates inefficient decelerations and accelerations for unnecessary stops. Hyperloop can be defined as an ultra-fast fully electric intercity metro for passengers and goods, which can contribute to a significant reduction of traffic with gasoline-powered passenger cars and trucks between cities and therefore have a positive impact on the environment. Furthermore, hyperloop will produce less noise pollution.


ZWERYFIKUJFIRME.PL is the Polish winner of Fintech category

Country: Poland

Category: Fintech

Project Aim: Verifying companies credibility based on more current (1 month old) and reliable (source of data about transactions) data. The whole process is automated and machine learning algorithms are introduced.

What is the problem to solve?

In our core team, we combine strong financial and IT skills. We have two statutory auditors and Data scientist on board. Basing on our experience in corporate finance we are aware that there is an information gap on the market about the financial standing of micro and small companies in Poland. Our innovative products can solve this problem.


In ZWERYFIKUJFIRME.PL, we analyse financial data from Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T) to conclude about current standing of companies. Standard Audit File for Tax is an international OECD standard introduced in seven European countries so far.

What did ZWERYFIKUJFIRME.PL accomplished?

We have already entered the market with a product for statutory auditors – a tool to support financial audit process. Right now, we are developing our products for financial institutions in cooperation with one of the biggest banks in Poland. We are working as well on an internet platform for companies seeking reports that automate most time-consuming audit procedures.

It is the first time in the history when there is such huge amount of unified financial data available. We wait for the chance to be the first player on this market.

On What ZWERYFIKUJFIRME.PL is currently working:

We are currently working on four innovative concepts (all of them are based on the same mechanism):

  1. Intermediation between companies seeking to verify counterparty’s credibility: we will provide reports summarizing main financial indicators of verified company retrieved from its SAF-T files.
  2. A reliable certification program for companies: basing on data from SAF-T files, we will present a list of financial data characterizing company that seeks our certificate to prove its credibility.
  3. A tool to assess creditworthiness both potential clients and for periodical credit standing review of debtors: having more current data about clients, the financial institution will be able to react quickly to worsening situation of debtors. Moreover, as a response to the new requirements of IFRs 9, we offer a possibility to monitor current standing of borrowers and apply prospective look in establishing impairment of loans basing on most current and reliable data from SAF-T files.
  4. Tools to support financial audit process, both internal and external: we offer excel reports that automate most time-consuming audit procedures.

CEO’s testimony:

For me as CEO of, winning StartUp Europe Awards 2017 in FINTECH category in Poland shows that our business idea has gained recognition. It gives me the certainty that we can successfully solve real problems that our clients are facing, and we can provide them with the most desirable commodity in XXL century – with most current information.


PREGNABIT is the Polish winner of the E-Health category

Country: Poland

Category: E-Health

Project Aim: supporting health care professionals to bring every pregnancy to the happy end.

What does PREGNABIT do:

Early detection of threats to mother and baby, including through CTG measurements, may have a real impact in quicker medical response during pregnancy. PREGNABIT system enables CTG monitoring of pregnant women at anytime and anywhere. Our mission is to support health care professionals, to bring every pregnancy to the happy end.

CEO’s testimony:

StartUp Europe Awards 2017 recognition is very important to the whole Pregnabit Team. We work very hard to bring every pregnancy to the happy end. We strongly believe that StartUp Europe Awards 2017 will help us to fulfil our mission.


Rivus is the bulgarian winner for Climate category

Country: Bulgary

Category: Climate

Project Aim: The water crisis affects 2/3 of the population on earth. Increasing number of countries are searching for solutions with which they can reduce the use of water sources. Researches from 2016 show that the global water crisis affects every continent and over 2.8 billion people around the world at least one month out of every calendar year. Through the efficient usage of the available water sources, this problem can be avoided or at least reduced to a minimum level.

Our team believes that with small steps we can help with the water crisis globally. Reducing the amount of water used daily in households, public buildings and businesses can help on a local level, mastering a global problem.


What does Rivus do?

Rivus is on a mission to optimize the usage of water in every household in order to achieve global impact through water preservation. We are developing a water saving tap nozzle and a shower head that reduces the water usage with up to 90%. The Rivus Nozzle S1 comes with one stream option which uses 90% less of your tap water which equals 1.2 liters per minute. Rivus Nozzle S2 has a second stream which flow is 5 liters per minute. We have superior advantages compared to our competitors – our nozzle is saving up to 60% more. We provide a better stream – a spiral cone which distributes the water more efficiently with an absence of a side splash. The materials used in our hardwares are ceramic and brass which help for a longer lifespan of the faucets.

What’s Rivus’ future?

With working prototypes and patent documents filled in, we are currently focused on further developing our business model and creating a crowdfunding campaign. We are on popularizing our product and the mission behind it mainly in Bulgaria but we are planning to expand in Europe and other regions suffering from water deficiency in the world. We are working on strategies how to obtain access on different markets like California, Middle East, Australia and India which are already seeking solutions for the water crisis.




Packhelp is the polish winner for the creative category

Country: Poland

Category: Creative

Project Aim: Packhelp has been launched in 2016. The idea to start a packaging company has been born due to a very simple reason. We believed that many companies underestimated the real importance of packaging in their business conduct.

It is a great marketing channel, which provided a 100% reach to customers. It allows to convey the message of the brand and philosophy of the company. It also provides product exposure and makes up for a great part of brand awareness.

Furthermore, we saw that the packaging industry before didn’t meet the requirements of many customers. Smaller companies could feel discriminated, as packaging was mostly targeting big partners. Not every business needs thousands of boxes – we understood that beginnings can be much smaller.

What does Packhelp do?

Starting from that point, we believed that there is space for a packaging company that would provide a new quality of service. We decided to change the image of a packaging company by three elements of our competitive advantage:

Shortening production time. Whilst most of companies offered a long production time, we decided to channel efforts to provide a service starting from 14 days of production time. It was a revolutionary idea.

Set a new standard for a minimum order – 30 pieces. Usually, packaging companies forced clients to order big batches of boxes. We wanted to change that image too.

Creating a box should be fun and easy. That is why we developed an online box editor, which allows to create a box without any special graphic skills.

Our box editor is a tool that allows the user to create a box by either uploading a design or starting from scratch with online tools. We have also prepared an app for AR visualisation, which offers a view of the designed box. It is the technological enhancement that ensures our clients that their product is crafted to their needs.

What is Packhelp’s future?

Currently, Packhelp is a company that has localised its offer for seven languages in total – Polish, English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Czech. We have expanded our offer of packaging products and have many plans for further European expansion in 2018.

Finally, Packhelp offers cardboard boxes, because we carry about the environment. The popularity of plastic packaging is fortunately behind us and more eco-friendly solutions are becoming the trend nowadays. That’s why cardboard used by Packhelp is made of recycled materials.

We believe, that Packhelp proves business diversification is important in all European industries. Packaging industry was not delivering a product suited for all customers – we aim at resolving that problem. At the same time, we believe that ideas like ours can really influence changes in the industry.


HandyShower si the polish winner for Water category

Country: Poland

Category: Water

Project Aim: We have invented and built a durable, multifunctional and water-conserving portable bathroom. Our device – HandyShower – can function as a faucet, a shower, as well as a washlet (a bidet). It’s like a Swiss knife, only it’s a bathroom.


HandyShower  is equipped with a patented self-closing valve that facilitates water conservation in a way no other device on the market can.

The main idea behind HandyShower is to allow access to basic water hygiene everywhere and for everyone. Over 600 million people do not have access to running water; among them are people who live in areas that have been affected by a blackout or a natural disaster, victims of wars and citizens of developing countries. We also want to provide an all-in-one portable sanitary system to adventurers out there: outdoor enthusiasts, offroaders, mountain climbers, sailors, bikers, surfers, pilgrims etc.

What does HandyShower do?

Currently there is no other 3-in-1 personal hygiene device that is equipped with a self-closing valve. We already have an existing product and have conducted a succesful crowdfunding campaign in Poland. We have managed to gather a community of testers that help us improve the device. We have secured our IP in Europe, US, Australia, India, China, Taiwan, Japan and India.

What’s the HandyShower’s future?

We’re preparing for a Kickstarter campaign launch in May 2018 with our new improved HandyShower v.1.5.


blog is the polish winner for Energy category


Country: Poland

Category: Energy

Project Aim: is the first social energy trading platform for collective energy purchasing and switching. It allows smaller customers execute bulk-buying power and shop around for the best energy deals in real time and switch to the most attractive retailers. Easy, reliable and profitable as it has never been before. In academic-industry collaboration we develop online and offline strategies to raise awareness of affordable solutions for smog and CO2 emission reduction in Poland and Europe.

This Award is very important for me as a CEO of as it puts energy customer engagement, that we mainly deal with, in a right place, as a key value driver of the future sustainable zero emission word.


Revas is the polish winner for the Edtech category

Country: Poland

Category: Edtech

Project Aim: Ever wanted to know how is it to run your own business? Revas with its Business Simulation Games will help you experience running a business and gain useful entrepreneurial skills in a risk-free virtual environment. Business simulations are aimed mainly at secondary schools (esp. VET) and universities to facilitate teaching management and entrepreneurship as well as training business acumen and socio-economic competence. The portfolio of simulation covers now the following industries: Car garage, Beauty salon, Transport company, Hair salon, IT service, Bakery and Construction company.

What does Revas do?

We created Revas based on our experience in teaching entrepreneurship. We noticed that most entrepreneurship courses/lessons focus on the theoretical part of starting a business (legal forms, taxes, documents etc.) and participants are taught how to start but they barely understand how to manage their business and lack the necessary practical skills. That is partly why the statistics of failure among young businesses are so grim – even up to 80% of young companies fail in the first year. It is often because young entrepreneurs do not understand how their company and the market work, do not know how to adapt to volatile market conditions, react to competitor’s actions and analyse their financial and market results. Or simply they imagined running a business totally different.

That is why we offer simulations that, just like flight simulators, are the closest thing to the real life and allow participants to gain necessary skill and experience while experimenting with different strategies and decisions in a risk-free environment. Also, again as with flight simulators that teach pilots flying certain machines, we want to teach young people running business in the industry that matches their profession or field of study. If you are learning to become a car mechanic, you can try yourself as a manager of a Car garage and Logistics students can use Transport company. The main idea is that people understand business better if we give them real-life environment they feel familiar with. Then, they can make various business decisions in their virtual companies to develop essential skills needed in business (creativity, problem solving, making decisions, team work, data analysis, strategic thinking etc.) as well as get hands-on business experience and realize whether starting one’s own business is the career path one would like to take. Also, as participants compete with one another, they easily immerse themselves in the simulation, keeping the motivation for learning at a high level.

What is Revas future?

Right now, we have proved that simulations are needed in the Polish market and we begin our adventure with international markets. Starting with European countries, we would like to enthuse teachers and trainers with the idea of teaching entrepreneurship in a practical and industry-specific way.

Being recognized as the best EdTech company in Poland proves that our efforts to change the status quo in the field of entrepreneurship education are justified. Taking part in the European final is a great honour that gives us huge motivation to go on.