Startup Europe Awards

Tommi (a project of SoftCare Studios) is the Italian winner of the eHealth category

TOMMI, a project of Softcare Studios, is a videogame developed in Virtual Reality which aims to reduce anxiety and pain perception in children with cancer, while at the same time involving their caregivers during the gaming sessions. The goal of the project is to promote a holistic approach to patients, improving their quality of life while simplifying the work of the medical staff.

During hospitalization patients experience extreme stressful conditions which have a deep impact on the therapy’s outcome, social relationships and eventual recovery. To ease up this situation it is needed to bring innovative models of collaboration between therapy stakeholders (patients, caregivers, doctors and supporting private companies)and to provide real data through monitorization in order to improve the patient wellbeing.

The project has been developed by Softcare Studios, an Italian based startup which has won the national level e-Health category of the Startup Europe Awards. Softcare Studios are developing immersive technologies based on the idea that digital technologies such as VR can be used to focus on the user’s psychological needs and support the user through difficult experiences such as disease and therapy.