Call for proposals for projects in the field of fighting and prevention against forest fires

The Finnova Foundation launches its call for proposals for projects in the field of fight and prevention against forest fires to be presented to the LIFE 2019 call.

The objective is to identify possible solutions to challenges in the field of fire protection in one of the following areas: prevention, operation and regeneration.

The Finnova Foundation opens its Call for LIFE 2019 Pre-proposals for innovative European projects dedicated to fire protection . This call is aimed at public and / or private entities that have a project or a personal interest or need that can be framed within the LIFE Program, a financial instrument of the European Union.

This Call for Proposals LIFE 2019 of Finnova focuses on the following LIFE programs: Nature and Biodiversity, Climate Action and Environmental Governance and Information .

The objectives that are pursued are the following:

  •  Create a network of incubators and accelerators at provincial and regional level that respond to the interest in innovation in firefighting.
  •  Identify possible solutions to challenges in the field of fire protection , in one of the following areas: prevention, operation and regeneration .
  •  Create territorial alliances of public-private partnership (PPP) that allow the SOLUTIONS proposed by entrepreneurs, technological institutes and universities to become real projects.
  •  Make visible its commitment to innovation and its commitment to growth and employment generation, through the promotion of entrepreneurial projects that improve the quality of life of its citizens.
  •  Increase and improve institutional relations thanks to PPP alliances.
  •  Contribute to improve and protect the environment and climate action.

Finnova will analyze each of the preproposals to, where appropriate, proceed to a potential drafting and preparation of a LIFE proposalbefore the June or September 2019 cut-off date (as convened). This initiative is part of the first accelerator dedicated to startups that fight against fires, managed by the Finnova Foundation as a member of the LIFE program.

It should be noted that Climate Action is number 13 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals .

The CILIFO project (Iberian Center for the Investigation and Fight against Forest Fires - Cod. 0753_CILIFO_5_E) offers the advisory service for the orientation in the fit of the project proposals to the LIFE 2019 call, as well as other additional services. This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund FEDER within the framework of the Interreg VA Spain-Portugal Program (POCTEP) 2014-2020. This project has a budget of 24.6 million euros, and it is the Interreg project with the largest amount of ERDF contribution for projects co-financed by the European Union in the field of forest fire prevention and extinction.

Details of the call

Financing : From 55% to 75% for lost funds.

Duration of the projects : 1 - 5 years

Average budget per project : From 1 to 2 million euros

Participants : Consortium between public and private organizations at local level: councils, town halls, universities, public or private companies (including SMEs) and associations

Examples of startups : The startup Drone Hopper , which designs drones to act in forest fires, received a subsidy of 50,000 euros for the lost fund of the SME Instrument of the European Commission thanks to the advice of the StartUp Europe Accelerator program of Finnova. 

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