Startup Europe Awards


Agritech is a broad sector, which includes a wide variety of technologies and innovations that farmers, distributors and companies in the sector can benefit from throughout the entire production and distribution process. There is great potential to help the agricultural industry find efficiencies, conserve resources and ensure consumers have access to safe and healthy food. For all of this, innovation is a must.

Agritech Startup Europe Awards rewards those startups that offer innovative products, services and methodologies in the field of agriculture and rural.



The rise of fintech has forever changed the way companies do business. The traditional model of a new business turning directly to its local high street bank and/or a conventional investor is no longer the only game in town. Global investment in financial technology increased more than twelvefold from $930 million in 2008 to more than $12 billion in 2014. Europe experienced the highest growth rate, with an increase of 215% to $1.48 billion in 2014. Furthermore, the associated reworking of financial regulations, new innovations and customer behaviour, means this figure will continue its sharp growth in the coming years.
The rise of fintech has opened up a world of possibilities. Businesses can offer more services than ever and for a fraction of the price of what it would have cost before. Such is the impact of technology on how finance is run, cities like London actively and aggressively pursue technology talent to ensure it remains competitive.


Fintech StartUp Europe Awards Awards aims at recognising startups offering disruptive solutions as new applications, processes, products or business models in the financial services or insurance industry: payments, blockchain/distribution ledger, lending platforms, etc.


The most important eligibility criteria are the following:

  • Innovation: We will focus on the grade of innovation, disruption and originality of the startups.
  • Business model: We will rate the added value to society resulting from the startups (economic viability, private-public collaboration, etc.).
  • Customer Value Proposition
  • Scalability and Market Reach
  • Social Clauses: job generated, gender policy, social inclusion,┬ácollaboration with NGOs, trainees program.
  • European Dimension: participation in European funded projects, partnership or agreements with other European partners.


We all share the desire to live long, happy and healthy lives, but challenges such as infectious and chronic diseases, pandemics and antimicrobial resistance are increasingly present. Research and innovation in this field, which is not only an investment in our health, but also in healthcare professionals and a healthier economy, helps to address these challenges.

eHealth Startup Europe Awards aims to recognize those startups that offer solutions to problems in the field of health and wellness through products and services that help improve people’s quality of life and connect health with technologies.


One of the fundamental pillars of environmental conservation in Europe is the protection of water resources, of fresh and salt water systems and of the water we drink and with which we clean ourselves. The stakes are high, the problems transcend borders and cooperation within the EU is essential to ensure effective protection of this indispensable resource for life.

Water Startup Europe Awards rewards startups working towards the implementation of sustainable water systems, coordination with the public, reduction of chemical pollution, groundwater, flooding, intercalibration, etc.


Tourism is a very important economic activity in the European Union. Indeed, it is a major source of economic growth, job creation and social development, and therefore has the potential to combat economic decline and unemployment. However, the sector has to face a number of challenges, as the economic crisis has deeply affected the sector both nationally and internationally.

Tourism Startup Europe Awards rewards those startups that offer products, services and methodologies covering the following topics: tourism, mobility, hotels, sustainable tourism, applications for tourism, location of establishments, etc.


The internet of things represents the next step towards the digitalization of our society and economy. In this new paradigm, objects and people are intercommunicated through communication networks that provide information about their situation or that of the environment. According to a study by the European Commission, the market value of the internet of things in the EU could exceed billions of euros by 2020.

The IoT StartUp Europe Awars seek to bring added value to European development related to new technologies that will improve the EU’s competitiveness in this sector and increase the use of ICT in society.


Social innovation can be defined as the development and implementation of new ideas (products, services and models) to meet social needs and create new social relationships or collaborations. They represent an opportunity for both the public sector and markets, as products and services satisfy both individual and collective aspirations.

The Social StartUp Europe Awards aim to reward startups that offer products, services or methodologies that address one of the following issues: education, health, training, job search support and rehabilitation. They will recognize the work of startups working in this field and trying to make the world a better place.


The energy sector is at a time of great change. In fact, it is expected that by 2030, half of all energy will come from renewable sources. These awards aim to highlight Europe’s leading position as well as to support innovation and creativity in the field of renewable energy.

Energy StartUp Europe Awards will reward the best projects in the field of developing sustainable and efficient energy models based on renewable energies. Attention will also be paid to projects that include technology transfer in the field of renewable energies and projects related to governance that encourage the participation of citizens in the development of renewable energies.


The cultural world is in continuous change, and after the 2008 crisis and the pandemic resulting from Covid-19, it is in a state of “trance” and constant search for new identities. In addition, finding a niche in the field of culture has become an odyssey in recent years, with unemployment in the field of the arts increasing by 22.39%.

Creative Startup Europe Awards rewards startups with the most original creative and cultural projects (visual arts, architecture, audiovisual production, literature, music, design and fashion) with the greatest capacity to transcend beyond Europe.


When it comes to cities, Europe has much to contribute. Its urban models have many flaws that need to be addressed, but they still come very close to the ideal of sustainable development. European urban models represent a middle ground between the unsustainable urban sprawl of American cities and the high population density of most Asian megacities.

Smart Cities Startup Europe Awards rewards the best startups working on projects related to smart city management. Topics of interest include, among others, planning, mobility, waste management, energy efficiency, water cycle and citizen participation.