Eva Curto

Chemical Engineer and MSc.in Environmental Engineering&Management, Eva is currently the Director of the European Coworkings Programme at Fundación EOI, a Spanish public foundation aimed at boosting entrepreneurship and SME creation at a national and international level. EOI is also the dean business school in Spain, offering postgraduate training courses on green economy, business&innovation management and digital transformation.


The European Coworkings Programme is an international acceleration programme aimed at creating a European Network of Mentors that guide entrepreneurs to internationalize their business: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDrF3DIN7ic


Until last year, Eva was also Head of International Affairs at EOI, enabling partnerships with institutions in developed and developing countries (mainly in Latinamerica, Magreb and Senegal), by means of training, capacity building, consultancy and research. In a previous period, she was for 5 years the Director of the “International Masters in Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility”, where one of the addressed topics was Social Innovation&Entrepreneurship

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