Startup Europe Awards


SOLE COMMUNICATION NETWORK is the Macedonian winner of IoT category

Country: Macedonia

Category: IoT

Project Aim: developing a platform that gives SMEs the opportunity to develop a tailor-made solution faster and cheaper than if it would be developed by an IT company.

What is the problem to solve?

Imagine you are running a company which is in purchasing a business application. You have two options: developing your own custom-made solution or implementing some of the existing out-of-the box applications.

If you decide to develop a customized solution, you will face two problems:

  • Development process is very long and therefore you will get a very expensive offer.
  • You will have significant costs for maintaining and upgrading the system.

Because of this, the custom-made applications market is an exclusive club of bi players, and SMEs simply cannot afford such solutions.


We developed a platform that will give SMEs the opportunity (by themselves, with our help or with the help of third party consultant) to develop a tailor-made solution at least 10x faster, and thus a minimum of 10x lower initial costs than if it would be developed by conventional IT company.

Our solution SOLENET is a SaaS platform with an integrated app builder that allows fast development of tailor-made apps simple as stacking lego blocks.

The client ultimately receives an integrated application that fully meets its needs, available on all platforms, supported by all languages, easily upgradable and with zero maintenance costs.

Our market is costum-build software, a market that is experiencing a real boom with a growth of 33% per year, reaching in 2015 to 136B USD, and representing 3/5 of the total application market in US.

The market we want to focus on is SMEs regionally, US and EU.

Revenue will be generated:

  • Customizing application or order.
  • Monthly subscription per user and device.
  • Pay-as-you-go subscription to used services according to the price list.

Costumers will be acquired:

  • Direct sale.
  • Global distribution network .

CEO’s testimony:

StartUp Europe Awards is a chance for us to promote our solution in the heart of Europe, in front of people who share similar values and with ability to help our company to fulfil our mission and vision for open and digitally connected business world.


Cubbit is the Italian winner of IoT category

Country: Italy

Category:  IoT

Project Aim: Cubbit offers a Forever-Free Dropbox to final users, and is a provider of cheaper and boosted web services for corporates.

What is the problem to solve? : Inefficiency of the centralized Cloud.

What does CUBBIT do?

A centralized Cloud is inefficient: Web farms costs are transferred both to Users (100Euro/TB/Y) and corporates (CDN 6 Euro/GB streamed)

Cubbit Creats the community Cloud. Thanks to an IoT device that leverages on existing Inter-connectivity infrastructures, we crowd-source the first distributed data-center: from one web farm for all, to small servers in everybody’s home or office.

Cubbit Offers a Forever-Free Dropbox to final users, and is a provider of cheaper and boosted web services for corporates.

Our business model: we acquire users by offering the first forever-free cloud. Each of them grows our distributed data-center with bandwidth, storage and CPU. We then sell web services like hosting, CDN and Cloud computing boosted by the proximity of Data to final Users.

Each Cubbit can generate revenues up to 11euro/month, while it only costs 0.20euro/m to coordinate its role in our network.

The core technology has been proved with private Alpha-test started in June 17 and in Jan 18 the public Alpha will be released.