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  • Aravato, Irish winner for Smart Cities category

    Country: Ireland Category: Smart City Name: Aravato Proyect aim: The right data-driven software is essential for proper waste management. What Aravato does? We have developed a practical method to deliver lean circular economy projects while maximising ROI (Return of Investment). The old ways of filling Excel sheets with “flat” information no longer works: what is […]

  • CORRATA is the winner of Ireland in Cybersecurity category

    Country: Ireland Category: Cybersecurity Name: Corrata Proyect aim: Provide mobile security and data control solution for enterprise.   What do you do? Our patent-pending software enables organizations to defend against mobile threats, block malicious and inappropriate content and eliminate unnecessary data usage. Mobile devices are increasingly mission critical for organizations. A wide variety of business […]

  • Gamco, spanish e-Health winner

    Country: Spain Category: e-Health Name: GAMCO Proyect aim: GAMCO solutions leverage the available information to deliver maximum business value in a transparent, easily operable, scalable and sustainable manner. What is GAMCO? GAMCO is a pioneering software manufacturer that generates advanced predictive models, based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. GAMCO´s technology allows a quick deployment […]

  • Open call for SEUA17 Latvia StartUp Europe Awards 2017

    Open call for SEUA17 Latvia StartUp Europe Awards 2017

    StartUp Europe Awards 2017 in Latvia opens a call until 28 of October 2017 to look for startups in Latvia. If you are a startup, with all you team located in Latvia you can apply for the Eurovision of the Startups. SEUA17 Latvia is looking for a startups in the category of Space, e-Heatlh, Edtech, […]