Startup Europe Awards


Weteq is the Luxemburg winner for the Water category

Country: Luxembourg

Category: Water

Project Aim: Fresh water consumption is steadily increasing and water scarcity effects more and more regions globally. Moreover, wastewater generated by industries presents a major global environmental concern. There is, therefore, a severe and growing demand for improved and more efficient wastewater treatment technologies.

What does Weteq do?

Weteq was created to help industries that use large volumes of fresh water to use it more efficiently. Weteq provides customized chemical-based solutions that help these industries to re-use wastewater in the industrial process, to comply with regulations by removing the contaminants, to increase the capacity of the wastewater installation, to increase environmental sustainability and to save costs.

What problems do Weteq solve?

The most common challenge of the industries is the compliance to continuously tightening water-related regulations and the desire to achieve self-initiated sustainability goals such as water preservation. Another challenge that we often observe is capacity constraints which can be mitigated by the optimization of the wastewater treatment process. Weteq’s tailor-made solutions help to overcome these challenges by the efficient removal of contaminants such as organic waste, color and heavy metals from waste water.

What did Weteq accomplished?

Weteq creates tailor-made solutions for customers with the best available technologies in the market. In addition, Weteq has developed proprietary solutions, which are patent-protected. In fact, Weteq is an R&D focused company and our goal is to underpin innovations and novel developments with IP. We believe that a strong portfolio of patents is key to our long-term success. We are currently reaching out to prospects and are seeking opportunities to apply our proprietary solutions to important industry challenges.

What does Europe represent for the company?

Europe is seen as the place where the industry applies innovative and high-quality products that help to use water in a sustainable way. As Europe is highly industrialized and developed, the success of Weteq in Europe can be extended to other regions. Value-generating projects are the key focus of our actions and we see Europe as our primary market for starters. So far, our prospective clients are in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, UK and Germany. We are also looking forward to expanding our coverage to other European countries and internationally in a focused manner.

“Winning this award proves that Weteq is on the right track as the European market is a very challenging market. Achieving this recognition will be an enabler for our marketing initiatives and our valued customers. It emphasizes that WETEQ seeks to make a humble but meaningful contribution towards a more sustainable world, with specific reference to water preservation”. Marc Hans


FuVex is the Spanish winner of SEUA 17 in the Space category

Country: Spain

Category: Space

Project aim: Fuvex wants to find a solution to:

  • Search and rescue in high seas where all the migrant crisis is happening in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Forest fires that consume every year the nature of Southern Europe.
  • Marine pollution that is devastating the fauna of the oceans.

What are the instruments we can use to solve these problems?

Helicopters play a key role to solve these situations monitoring the area affected and providing critical data from the sky. However, helicopters are expensive (up to 7,5 M€ cost of acquisition and 3.000 €/hour of operation), complex and even dangerous tools, with 9 serious accidents only in Spain every year. Drones can disrupt emergencies and critical missions saving more than 78% costs without any personal risks.

Can drones be used in any situation?

Nevertheless, drones are not replacing helicopters due to two requirements that must be meet simultaneously:

-Legal issues: Long range operations are already permitted in most EU countries. However, in order to perform long range operations (Beyond Visual Line Of Sight) regularly, systems and procedures must be developed to bring trust into the technology.

-Aircraft Characteristics: Drones must be capable of fulfilling the missions presently carried out by helicopters. This means easy deployment and operation from any place and long flight range.

What do we do?

We are developing solutions to meet these requirements: a hybrid plane/multirotor aircraft with Vertical Take-Off and Landing from any flat surface that has double endurance than normal drones thanks to its plane cruise. In addition, we are co-creating the systems and procedures required to fly legally with key corporations being supervised by Spanish Authorities.

Who are we?

We are a team composed by 13 members, 4 of them are working full time. We are Professors, Ph.Ds, MBAs, an executive of an IBEX35 Corporation, engineers, etc. We started our project in 2013 and founded the company in 2015 after being selected by the Orizont Accelerator. We have signed a contract with the reference Spanish corporation in its segment to begin the implementation of our technology in their processes in emergency services and we are preparing two MoUs with two additional key institutions. We have raised more than 0,5 M€ and received an H2020 SME Phase I (14.04/15). We are spin-off of the Public University of Navarre and have an international patent.



Hypermedia Interactive Services Ltd is the cypriot winner for the Tourism category

Country: Cyprus

Category: Tourism

Project Aim: Sustainable Hospitality Practices” is a bespoke eLearning and Performance Ecosystem solution that delivers focused training to hospitality enterprises committed to sustainability.

What does Hypermedia Interactive Services offer to the users?

We apply gamification techniques to maximize knowledge, engagement and motivation to learn. We address varied training requirements, including behavioural change, induction and on-boarding.

Sustainable Hospitality Practices features 19 modules designed around all hotel departments/operations and 100% self-paced learning in Greek or English versions. It is convenient and multi-device accessible, provides progressive and innovative sustainable practices and can be customized to address the unique needs of every hotel.

How does it work?

Hotels set up internal competitions and hold weekly contests for all their staff. By using leaderboards, scoreboards and badges staff, employees are motivated to work in a more “sustainable” environment, learn how to engage in sustainable best practices in the workplace with “smart” “no or low-cost” practices and help reduce the organisation’s carbon footprint and contribute to sustainable development.

What is the problem it tries to solve?

Hotels are pressured by regulators to address their sustainability obligations. They are also pressured by stakeholders in the business world to adopt sustainability into their business models. Even if a hotel has the most ambitious sustainability policy in place, unless all staff understands the philosophy behind it, and has the commitment to put it into action, it will not be successful.  Attitudinal barriers exist and reflect negative perceptions, motivation and interest around the complex concept of sustainability. There is also the big challenge of integrating and engaging Millennials, the largest generation in the workforce, who are “Digital Natives” and learn by playing games.

How does the business of this company work?

We offer 3 plans that cater for budgets and businesses of every size. Since our baby launch last February, we have entered into a strategic alliance with the leading authority in sustainable tourism in Cyprus. We have made sales to hotels. We have also made sales to universities and vocational institutions from which we are receiving very positive feedback. We plan to enter the Greek market this year.

What does this recognition mean for the company?

This recognition amplifies both the credibility of our innovation as well as our speed-to-market and acceptance level in Europe, the world’s no 1 tourist destination, which is massive and growing.




Evvos is the Luxemburg winner for the Agritech category

Country: Luxembourg

Category: Agritech

Project Aim: Evvos designs and develops hardware, firmware and cloud integration services platform. Our in-house hardware and software teams collaborate to ensure optimal interoperability between sensors, data acquisition devices and software.

What problem Evvos wants to solve?

Of the EU agricultural land, only 60% is arable, 34% permanent pastures and gazing, and 6% permanent crops, such as fruits, berries, nuts, citrus, olives and vineyards. (source: EU Scientific Foresight Study IP/G/STOA/FWC/2013-1/Lot 7/SC5). It is clear that feeding people requires increased productivity, if only to maintain the output of the agricultural sector.

How can we to improve the situation?

Increasing output and maintaining food security and safety standards requires digital technologies to monitor and optimize agricultural production processes. For example, saving water and costs during irrigation periods must be based on the fact that only the right amount of water is used – a decision based on data gathered by soil moisture sensors, rain gauges, and weather predictions. Also, applying fertilizers when wind speed is above certain thresholds is ineffective. Therefore, it is important to measure variations in conditions within a field to prevent farmers from applying the same amount [of fertilizers] over an entire agricultural field.

What did Evvos develope to find a solution?

As a result of this research, Evvos has designed and developed OneSense Agriculture – a compact cost-effective, battery-powered wireless data acquisition device for precision agriculture. It allows our partners to receive data from soil moisture and soil temperature probes, rain gauges, wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, relative humidity and temperature, and leaf wetness sensors. A new service we offer since the beginning of 2018 is geotagging or the ability to add geographical identification metadata to OneSense Agriculture. In addition, Evvos’ Cloud Integration Services (CIS) application was extended to enable any precision agriculture platform to easily integrate data acquired by sensors connected to Evvos’ devices.

What has accomplished in the past?

Evvos S.A. is a technology company developing wireless battery-powered data acquisition devices for precision agriculture, environmental and industrial monitoring. In 2016, Evvos was approached by a client and asked if it is possible to design data loggers/devices capable of acquiring, processing and transmitting data from a wide variety of agricultural sensors. The solution must be reliable, easy to be deployed and maintained by farmers and cost-effective. Our approach was to first conduct a research on the topic–precision agriculture—and then to analyse what would be the best way to create a solution to comply with client’s requirements. Population growth and climate change, along with economic pressure pose considerable challenges to the increasing demands of agricultural intensification. According to the United Nations, 9.8 billion people will live on the Earth by 2050 and 11.2 billion by 2100. In the EU, increasing urbanization and forestry result in gradually declining land, available for agriculture.

What does this recognition mean for Evvos and what is it doing right now?

Today, we process millions of sensor messages transmitted over the Sigfox Low-Power Wide-Area (LPWA) Network. Farmers are now able to use disease prediction models and make informed decisions based on sensor data. As a CEO, I am honoured to represent Luxembourg at the Startup Europe Awards, grateful to all the people who voted for Evvos, and proud that our team and technology are making a difference.


Broomx is the spanish winner for the Creative category

Country: Spain

Category: Creative

Project Aim:Technology-based company with a creative soul, Broomx Technologies is The Projected VR Company!

The Initiative:

Makers of MK Player360, a unique immersive projection device to enjoy VR & 360° media content without the need of individual VR headsets, and Broomx VR content platform. This patented system is able to create immersive 4D experiences in any room or corner at a consumer price-point. Once it’s set up, the user can control the system via a smartphone app and have their entire field of vision covered by standard VR & 360º media from top VR creators & international artists. Formed by a team of senior professionals from different backgrounds (hardware engineers, software developers, designers, video artists, communications and business profiles) Broomx has opened a new niche in the home-entertainment industry and the virtual world, which has also impacted in other sectors such health, education, tourism or automotive industries.


The reasons why we created it:

Virtual Reality (VR) technologies are finally starting to emerge from the lab into  applications for everyday life. Researchers agree that the industry is only beginning its global triumph and will grow significantly in the next years – global VR revenues are forecasted to hit $80 billion by 2025. The potential of VR market cannot, however, be fully realized unless we find alternative ways to enjoy immersive content, more social and comfortable than the current systems typically through individual goggles or VR headsets. With the MK Player360 immersive projection system, we solve the 4 major issues of VR today: loneliness, sickness, inability to enjoy long content & content dispersion.


What we have accomplished:

After 3 years of intense R&D, during the year 2017 we have presented the MK Player360 into main technology-driven events. Today we have sold 20 units to different European companies such as hotels, hospitals, health training companies and universities, and we have also launched the BroomxVR platform, an online platform & catalog of VR experiences where international content creators can promote their creations to all the MK Player360 users and monetize their creations. Our technology is revolutionizing the way people enjoy VR experiences for their leisure time and for professional purposes. It is also a very effective tool to carry out completely outstanding marketing actions.


What Europe means for us:

For us, Europe is the place to launch our technology, get the first customers and receive valuable feedback. It is also an important area for VR content creation, with lots of SME companies producing outstanding content both for B2B and B2C use cases that we can integrate into the BroomxVR platform. And moreover, it’s a key to receive public and private funding to scale-up our technology and make Broomx a global company.

“Being selected for the StartUp Europe Awards is a big honor for us, the opportunity to continue promoting our technology in Europe and connecting with top leaders from EU companies.  But moreover, it’s a special recognition that encourages us to bring our VR projection system into more environments where it can be relevant, for example healthcare institutions, kid’s hospitals or education centers!” Ignasi Capellà – Cofounder, CMO & Business development



Apiary Book is the Romanian winner of Agritech category

Country: Romania

Category: Agritech

Project Aim: The main goal is to raise the awareness of the youth on the significance of the bees in the nature and promote the interest for beekeeping activities. Honeybee colonies are essential for agriculture and environment, ensuring plant reproduction by pollination.


In the last years, beekeepers had to face many challenges in order to maintain their beehives and honey production, problems like losses of the bees’ colonies, strong diseases, beehives’ invaders, increasing costs of production and also products sold as honey but that they were actually synthetic, such as corn syrup, dextrose and other flavors and additives

What is the Apiary Book’s proposal?

Apiary Book aims to provide a complete solution for management of apiaries, monitoring of beehives (using IoT), innovative beekeeping system decision.

The information gathered from management app and beehive monitoring system is analysed in order to extract meaningful information for an individual beekeeper or for a group of apiaries from a region/country.

Apiary Book permits to gain the following modules:

  1. Smart management of apiaries and bee colonies monitoring using smart technologies (IoT)
  2. System decisions based on data analysis and predictions modelled by machine learning techniques (cost reduction, disease prevention)
  3. Traceability for production process of honey and other apiculture products, origin and certified quality
  4. Transparent direct marketing to the final consumer (B2C) and the marketing chain (B2B)

What is Apiary Book’s future?

Apiary Book can be used by single producers and also beekeeping companies. It’s an app that can be useful for processors and purchase of honey but also other beekeeping products. It’s a very versatile app with lots of possible usage that will improve the harvest of many beekeepers.




Agrologies is the greek winner for the agritech category

Country: Greece

Category: Agritech

Project Aim: Agrologies was created having in mind the average small-scale farmer based in Europe, the farmer who needs sustainable and affordable solutions.


Rural areas deal with serious problems, irrigation being one of them. On its own as a process irrigation can be tedious, time consuming, costly, and most of the times leads to waters, because its being done based on experience.

How we can help:

We have created Agrologies. We help farmers manage irrigation via their smartphone, anyplace, anytime! All they have to do is install the Agrologies sensors device in their field, and use the Agrologies App. Through our app they will have complete access to the data collected by the sensors, and will receive complete guidance on how to irrigate each crop according to its needs. Users will have absolute control of the irrigation process, and manage it remotely.

How we started:

Based in Athens Greece, Agrologies is currently on the final R&D period. The Agrologies team has been working with Beta users, in order to perfect its services. The team’s vision is for technology to be introduced in agriculture. Not only it could improve the yield and crops, but it could also improve farmers’ everyday life. Such technologies can and should be created within Europe, since all the assets are available.

What this recognition means to us:

Agrologies has gained recognition not only nationally (in Greece) but also in Italy and the USA. But going to the European Final with the possibility to be the winner of the Agritech category, Agrologies proves that Smart farming is applicable and should become an asset in Agriculture


Carcrash, Courtsdesk and SpecPrawnik receive the Legal Startup Europe Awards at the European Parliament

The national Legal Startup Europe Awards 2017 were presented yesterday at the European Parliament. The awards recognize innovation in the legal field, to Carcrash, Courtsdesk and SpecPrawnik.

The event took place within the framework of the XXI General Assembly of the Balms Group, the international network of independent Spanish-English lawyers, which took place in Brussels from 2 to 5 May. The event was organized by BGI Belgium and Legisquadra and attended by over 100 lawyers from 35 countries.

The Legal Startup Europe Awards, is one of the 18 awards presented by the StartUp Europe Awards programme. This is an initiative of the European Commission and the Finnova Foundation, supported by the President of the European Parliament, the President of the Committee of the Regions and the Vice-President of the Economic and Social Committee. StartUp Europe Finnova Accelerator also supports this initiative.

Legal Tech is a sector that is in constant development and growth, there are more and more investors that want to exploit this sector. It deals with legal services where the technical part joins the legal one, all developed with technology as a basis, as in the case of cloud environment, artificial intelligence to assist in mechanical tasks, etc.

Over time more applications and webpages will appear, addressed both to lawyer’s, offices to accelerate the internal management, and to final clients that will conceive the legal services in a much more efficient way, for instance: looking for a lawyer close to the client, apply for estimates in your city, personalize contracts and lodge complains online in cases of cancelled flights or problems with the telephone companies. Due to their innovative nature, this year’s winners will be:

Carcrash, a platform created in Spain that changes the traditional model of claiming rights. By providing greater speed in cases of severance pay.

Courtsdesk, an Irish breaking news service, and a research database to obtain case details at all levels of the courts in the UK and Ireland, and is expected to reach out to the world in the future.

SpecPrawnik, Polish market, for people looking for lawyers. They solve the unknow cost and  how to find a lawyer in a small cities problems, giving both the customer and a lawyer chance to talk first (both online and on the phone).


HexWix is going to represent Ukraina at SEUA17 for the creative category

Country: Ukraine

Category: Creative

Project aim: HexWix is a bridge from amateurs to professional cybersport. We are developing the platform because we want to raise cybersport to a new level with the process that we can see in each kind of sports.

What does HexWix want to achieve?

Let’s take a football. Parents send their child to a sports’ school, spend money for his development, hire coaches, personal managers etc. And everybody knows what they need to do to build a successful career for this child. But we do not have this in cybersport. There aren’t any processes and everything happens chaotically and unsystematically. Nobody knows where to look for sponsors, how to build a team, how to develop it and what to do after that. We want to integrate these processes at a global level. We will connect all the main market participants in one environment. We are developing the tool for management eSport organizations.

What happened when HexWix was launched?

After launching of our ecosystem we helped gamers to make a step in professional eSport. Our platform solves problems of amateur eSport in a complex. There is a research of new players or teams, team management, events, training, analytics, creation and management of tournaments, communications among different attendees of platforms: captains, players, coaches, managers, sponsors.

Our main goal is to make the cybersport clean and understandable for each of these roles and to give an opportunity for development.

Who is going to participate?

There are many players who would like to become a part of eSport and develop it in Europe. We want to acquire them in our platform and create comfortable conditions for the daily use of the platform.

And also, there are many companies at different levels that are interested and it would be profitable for them to become a part of eSports. And we are ready to help them to get nearer to the young audience of gamers, to grow loyalty for their brands, to give new opportunities for promoting their products and services.

What is the future of the market?

The development of this new market is a great opportunity for creating new niche products and services, and we are ready to offer tools to a direct access to the target audience.

Entering the European market will help us to reach a new level and we will help european gamers and companies to use opportunities of the newest eSport market.


“I’m very grateful for this nomination and for the opportunity to go to the European final. For me, like a CEO, the opportunity to be at the final is an additional confession that my project is important. This approves that people understand the importance of these changes for cybersport market and are ready to support this initiative. And also, this is an opportunity to find new contacts, new partners or investors.”  Romeo Sirenko, HenWix´s CEO


Ochola is the Belgian winner of Startup Europe Awards 2017 in the category creative

Country: Belgium

Category: Creative

Project aim: A bridge to Africa. Ochola was born out of the vision of the founders to change the world at least a bit. We live in a world of globalisation and changes that happen faster than ever. Many people feel left behind in that process, in Europe and also on other continents. With this knowledge in mind we had the idea that we can contribute to this immense challenge in a positive way.


What we want to achieve?

We want to help bringing Africa and Europe, which have very close links that many are not even aware of, stronger together and enable people on both sides of the continents to participate and enjoy globalisation and wealth.

What we are looking for?

Our focus is Art, Fashion, and all around “made by Africans” with a high level of quality. We promote talents in order to be also commercially successful. We believe that with the right impulse many people can contribute to their own wealth without being receivers of good will and development aid. There is a huge amount of talents in both continents and they need to be inspired to develop their will.

What is Ochola?

Ochola is situated in the Centre of Europe, in Brussels right in the middle between the European Quarter and Place Jourdan. This is the cradle of Ochola: The “Espace Ochola”, a friendly place where people meet and discover all kinds of Products and Art made by Africans. Ochola is    organising events, exhibitions and facilitate artists and producers to show their talent and to sell their products. Ochola is a bridge between cultures and people, a space of diversity. We work     for valuing talents and abilities, where the human stands in the centre and the “made by Africans” receives a new and positive dimension.

How we started?

Ochola was facing tipical issues as many start-ups: resources in all respect are limited. And here we could experience for the first time the immense solidarity of Europeans and Africans: families and friends all helped and contributed to the success of the first year with a large amount of events and happenings that all went tremendously well and in a wonderful atmosphere.  We are only at the beginning of a huge and fantastic journey and we expect a lot of adventures on the way. The Starting point is Europe and the target is to build a bridge to Africa – or maybe the other way around – anyhow, we wish a success for our venture for the good on both sides.

“This nomination is rather unexpected. But the honour which is manifested  by this award is  immense. We are recognised and appreciated with our activity so shortly after starting. I am very proud of what we all achieved together! We are Ochola, we are talent promoters.” Christiane Akpo, Ochola´s CEO.