Startup Europe Awards


Gamco, spanish e-Health winner

Country: Spain

Category: e-Health


Proyect aim: GAMCO solutions leverage the available information to deliver maximum business value in a transparent, easily operable, scalable and sustainable manner.

What is GAMCO?

GAMCO is a pioneering software manufacturer that generates advanced predictive models, based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. GAMCO´s technology allows a quick deployment of Knowledge Systems personalized for each customer and business, to solve and optimize their operational and decision-making issues.  Our solutions in optimizing management of large hospitals and pharmaceutical supply chain allow us to offer disruptive innovation in health care.

What do you do?

We make from predictions, estimation of the future evolution of a certain behavior or interest indicator, allowing the automatic prediction in different future horizons with real time adjustments. We also have knowledge solutions, which means that we deploy powerful, service-based analytics solutions in an optimal and transparent manner to today’s systems. Enabling optimal exploitation and use of knowledge.

On the other hand, we also work on Behavior Patterns, i. e. Automatic detection and definition of complex behavior patterns, allowing the adjusted definition of business and customer processes.

Other of our jobs include risk management, data mining, advanced analytics, or deployment of intelligent systems that combine predictive models, targets, constraints and costs, obtaining the optimal solution in a transparent, sustainable, efficient and effective.


GAMCO, winner of Pasarela Digital COFARES, will represent Spain in the European final of the StartUp Europe Awards 2017 for e-Health category


  • GAMCO will represent Spain in the European final of the StartUp Europe Awards e-Health category, to be held in Brussels in 2018.
  • The Heroes Club and COFARES join the StartUp Europe Awards Alliance, which includes more than 30 European organizers, working on entrepreneurship and innovation.

GAMCO, the winner of the initiative Pasarela COFARES, has been recognized as the winner of StartUp Europe Awards 2017 Spain, in the category of e-Health. For this reason, GAMCO will have the opportunity to represent Spain in the European final of this prestigious contest that will be held in Brussels at 2018.

StartUp Europe Awards is an initiative of the European Commission, together with Finnova Foundation, which presents a methodology to encourage open innovation and collaboration between the different actors of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. In addition, “it aims to accelerate startups with funds from the European Union (SME instrument up to 2.5 million euros), as well as offering legal advice, networking, international communication, among other benefits” states Juanma Revuelta CEO of Finnova Foundation. StartUp Europe Awards is also a tool to improve the awareness and communication of entrepreneurship values.

The Heroes Club and COFARES join the StartUp Europe Awards Alliance, which brings together organizers of entrepreneurial awards (accelerators, incubators, universities, foundations, investor, associations, etc.) and startups from all over Europe and beyond, being a forum for the exchange of good practices between all the actors involved in the European ecosystem.

The call of Pasarela COFARES, which opened in April, has had six finalists (GAMCO, EXOVITE, INNEVA FARMA, SMART MONEY, C2C and CITYBOX). GAMCO, the winner of this edition, will receive a prize of 10.000 euros. This startup is a pioneer in the creation of Software Solution based on predictive models, obtained from Artificial Intelligence and Automatic Learning. EXOVITE´s, the second project best valuated, has the objective to seek the optimization of resources in medical treatments and improve the quality of life of doctors and patients, it will receive and economic supply of 3.000 euros.

The winner of the Health category at the StartUp Europe Awards 2016 in Spain was Ekuore, who created the first intelligent electronic stethoscope that allows to register the auscultation and facilitate the monitoring of the diagnosis by being able to share easily with other professionals. Ekuore was recognized by the European Commission with the Phase I SME Instrument (endowed with € 50000) with the support of the Finnova Foundation. Ekuore also received an extraordinary prize in the European final of SEUA2016 for its high score in the evaluation of the jury, who chose the Italian NeuronGuard as winner.