Startup Europe Awards


Okra Technologies, Best Female-led startup

The English company won the prize at the StartUp Europe Awards Special Edition, which was focused on social impact

Country: England

 Category: Female-led Startup

Project Aim:

OKRA is an artificial intelligence company for healthcare. We use AI-powered analytics to save and improve human lives, driving health and market outcomes where they matter most. Through the OKRA platform, healthcare professionals get one combined view of all their data, and create instant evidence-based insight. These insights include analyses, comparisons, suggestions and predictions of the future, which support faster and more accurate decisions for businesses and patients. Furthermore, we know that our clients must be able to ask why or exactly what has informed the OKRA platform’s insights. With every output, we have unique built-in explanations that give reasons behind each recommendation, including which drivers and data sources have been used. Our AI is not a so-called “black box” – we never keep our users in the dark – which couldn’t be more important in the realm of healthcare.

What is the problem to solve?

Our mission is to get the right treatment to the right patient at the right time, by building the world’s most trustworthy artificial intelligence engine.

What does OKRA do:

OKRA was founded with the vision to support the drive to greater precision and speed in healthcare. Our AI technology processes vast quantities of data at a fraction of the time – and a fraction of the cost – compared to humans. It can process data again and again for each individual patient, analysing and recommending personalised treatments rather than statistical averages. OKRA’s predictive technology, which has a high level of validated accuracy (we can achieve >90% prediction accuracy), opens up to a new range of questions: we can ask not only “how are my patients responding to Drug X”, but “how will they respond in future, and why?” AI ensures that the right drug reaches the right person, at the right time. It is a win-win technology for all healthcare stakeholders: the patient, healthcare provider, health authorities, drug provider and the insurer.

On what OKRA is currently working:

We currently work with 3 global pharmaceutical companies to improve the accuracy of their treatments and market outcomes, and in the longer term, we are also able to apply our technology to support clinicians’ decision-making at the point of care, including treatment decisions and diagnoses made by hospital staff and general practitioners. This will enable patients and practitioners to make better informed decisions about their health. In 2019, we are growing and scaling quickly.

CEO’s testimony:

On a European level, we believe AI technology will be of great importance. Today, Europe’s healthcare system is facing unprecedented pressures. Populations are ageing, chronic diseases are growing, and according to recent estimates, Europe’s healthcare staff will not grow enough by 2020. Meanwhile, 1 of 5 euros spent on healthcare are wasted, 50% of antibiotics are wrongly prescribed, and 10% of patients are hospitalised due to the medical care they have previously received. Drugs and resources are wasted in the current healthcare process, at the expense of EU citizens everywhere.

To support a continued thriving healthcare system and sustainable production of drugs and healthcare services, Europe must achieve greater efficiency and precision, and OKRA supports this shift with artificial intelligence technology.

In the picture: Part of the OKRA Team.


The Green and Water final of the SEUA has been held in the Berlaymont Building

On July 24th at 11:00 a.m. the final of the Green and Water categories of the StartUp Europe Awards (SEUA) was held at the Berlaymont Building located in Brussels. The event was attended by Karmenu Vella, European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, who handed over the prizes to Biomyc and Enova named as winners by the appointed expert members of the jury. Both startups happened to be from Bulgaria and were selected through the Country Manager of the country, Cleantech.

Furthermore, the ceremony was attended by the CEO of Finnova, Juan Manuel Revuelta, who talked about the relevance of the environment and the possibilities of funding for Startups within the European Union. “It is of paramount importance to boost entrepreneurship and private-public partnerships between startups and public administrations and there are European funding tools that serve that purpose” pointed out Juan Manuel.

StartUp Europe Awards (SEUA) is an initiative implemented by the Finnova Foundation, promoted by the European Commission and supported by the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, and the President of the Committee of the Regions, Karl-Heinz Lambertz, within the framework of the Startup Europe programme. These awards seek to identify and recognise startups in Europe who are concerned with developing the values of entrepreneurship and innovation, including the promotion of respect for the environment.

The Green category aims at recognising startups offering products, services or methodologies addressing different topics like improved resource efficiency, climate change, low carbon economy or societal challenges among others. The award represents Finnova’s and the European’s Union compromise with the preservation and protection of the environment for present and future generations. The winner for this category was BIOMYC a Bulgarian startup which is developing an economically viable, fully biodegradable composite material made of agricultural waste as feedstock and mushroom mycelium as a binding agent.

On the other hand, the Water category aims at recognising startups working in the implementatio

n of various matters like water sustainable systems, coordination to public participation, chemical pollution or groundwater among others. This category responds to the importance of water itself. Water is the source of live and life itself.  It is a precondition for human, animal and plant life, an indispensable resource for the economy and a fundamental piece in the climate regulation cycle. Therefore, protecting our water resources, such as fresh or salt water or the water we drink and bathe in is one of the pillars of environmental protection in Europe. The winner for this category was also a Bulgarian startup called Enova. This startup has designed a BOD monitoring system based on a new generation of biosensor capable of detecting and quantifying the organic pollution in water.

You can re-view the event here, to see the pictures of the ceremony please click here.


Alho, the Macedonian winner for e-Health category


Country: Macedonia

Category: e-Health

Project aim: is a company based in Macedonia that aims to produce phone cases capable of emitting waves of heat and cold to provide a more comfortable use for phones, and to help people who suffer from Raynaud’s Syndrome.

How did you come up with this idea?

We are a startup company based in Macedonia that formed around September, 2017. Through a storm of ideas we didn’t come up with anything, but after finding out 2 of our members have Raynaud’s syndrome, we researched it a little bit and it turned out that it is a fairly newly discovered disease which has little to no treatment and no cure at all. So we looked into treatment for this disease, and as it turns out, even if there are very simple and effective ways to treat this disease, people are not utilizing them to their fullest extent. Not because they don’t want to, but because it’s futile. Unfortunately, being a newly discovered syndrome, with no cure and little treatment, Raynaud’s syndrome is very unknown. A large majority of the people that have it are completely unaware they do. It’s not very profitable for people to produce and sell treatment and medication if it’s just going to sit on the shelf. That’s where we step in. Inspired by this unawareness and ignorance, we aspire to not only create a profitable product which will help us further our cause, but to also put in a lot of effort to raise awareness for this syndrome.

What did you make with his idea?

We produce phone cases capable of emitting waves of heat and cold to provide a more comfortable use for phones, and to help people who suffers from this illness. We are aware that everyone likes to be comfortable always and we know that the ALHO case can provide that comfort at any time in any place.

What are your future for the future?

Because more than 10% of the world population suffers from this syndrome and a whole lot of them are unaware of its effects and causes, and are also unaware of how to treat it. There are also absolutely no estimates as to how many people who suffer from this syndrome are unaware that they do, so we believe that if awareness is raised, there will be a spike in the count of people diagnosed with this syndrome. We are currently in our assembly phase. Our project is moving along quite well, and by the time the international finals roll around we will have a working prototype, if not an already finished model of the ALHO phone case.

“We are very happy to be attending this competition and it means a great success for our collective and our community that we get to present our product to the European masses, and hopefully succeed in grabbing attention for our product to be funded and available at an earlier date than expected.” Stefan Manecski, ALHO CEO.


Six winning startups to represent Latvia in the final of StartUp Europe Awards

Under the frame of TechChill conference in Riga, SEUA16 Latvia has announced the six winners of their national StartUp Europe Awards 2016. The national Final Ceremony in Latvia, organised by the country manager “Latvian Association of Public Relations Professionals (LASAP)” has been last out of 13 events awarding best startups of 2016 in Europe which will now compete in the European Final in Brussels next spring.

National jury evaluated the performance of the previous year on the basis of the applications received, as well as in a wider context, on the basis of their expert-level knowledge of the Latvian startup industry as a whole.

Mrs Inese Vaidere, MEP from Latvia and ambassador for StartUp Europe Awards,  delivered the diplomas to the winning startups. The role of the ambassador in this competition is to support local startups and entrepreneurs. “Latvia is not a country with inexhaustible natural resources, but we are smart and educated people who are able to create products with high added value. Latvia clearly has the potential to become a centre in Europe, offering a stimulating and supportive
environment in which businesses grow and thrive”  – said Mrs Inese Vaidere.

The winners of the SEUA16 from Latvia are:

In the Creative Category Mozello the world’s easiest to use website builder.

Nordigen which offers transaction categorisation for improved credit scoring, is the winner in Fintech Category.

In the GREEN Category the winner is Conelum a biotechnological startup focused on development of rapid microbiological diagnostic tests for food and drink industry companies.

Anatomy Text   is augmented reality, web based software for medical education and healthcare professionals, and the winner for HEALTH Category.

The winner in ICT Category is Notakey, a smartphone based solution for strong & smooth authentication and authorisation.

Finally, Rention a Property Management Platform that helps you overview and control all your estate from A to Z, is the winner in the Smart Cities Category.

“Latvian Association of Public Relations Professionals (LASAP)” decided award a special prize for achievements in public relations to 4SmartStreets.

SEUA also applauds efforts of media in supporting development of startup ecosystem in Latvia by awarding three media outlets – Labs of Latvia, and technology blog who during the past year drawn particular attention to Latvian entrepreneurial activities by promoting creative tech ideas to broad Latvian audience.

SEUA has so far brought together more than 1,000 startup applications and 13 national awards ceremonies on the continent, with more than 80 startups awarded. Startup Europe Awards has been called The Eurovision of Startups, identifying the role models for startup ecosystems across the Europe.

StartUp Europe Awards, an initiative promoted by the European Commission, has the support of the President of the Committee of the Regions, several members of the European Parliament as ambassadors and is implemented by Finnova in collaboration with StartUp Europe.


  • Thanks to our Media Partner for covering the SEUA16 Latvian final.
  • Pictures by Dan Taylor and Sandija Veipa, thanks to TechChill

Poland has chosen nine startups for the European final of StartUp Europe Awards

Under the frame of Startup Poland Global, an educational program for Polish startups and scale-ups helping them work on global expansion strategies, were chosen the nine startups which will represent Poland in Brussels, for the final of StartUp Europe Awards. This program selected 50 high potential startups that participated in three-day intensive course where they improved their pitches, listened to serial entrepreneurs’ stories of success and failure, and acquired legal and business background on moving operations abroad. During the pitching finals, the jury of venture capitalists and entrepreneurs rated startups performance on stage.

They selected the winners that will receive a tailored workshop on building global strategies and scaling, at the end of January 2017, and will go to the final of SEUA. Startup Poland Global is enabled by the United Way Worldwide and funded by Citi Foundation.

These are the startups selected to represent Poland in 9 categories in the final of Startup Europe Awards:

In the ICT Category the winner is DeepDoc; a project aimed at early detection of risk of depression using machine learning to analyze activity in social media, they diagnose the risk of depression at a very early stage.

Jumbster ,the winner in TOURISM Category, is an application to save on fuel; with this app you are able to find and buy the cheapest fuel in your area.

In the HEALTH Category was selected Pelvifly, a comprehensive, mobile system of prophylaxis and rehabilitation of pelvic floor muscles dysfunction.

Piece of cake provides the opportunity to easy splitting your bills for your friends, workmates and in every place, where you just need divide the bill. This startup will represent Poland for FINTECH Category.

Ronzo is aimed to empower consumers with delicious cricket-based products with natural ingredients, no artificial chemical substances or semi-processed products; and it is the winner for the GREEN Category.

Smartbox, wich creates a comprehensive Smarthouse system based on cloud computing, was chosen as the winner for ENERGY Category.

The winner for SOCIAL Category is Socialgamer, a search engine in the computer gaming industry focused on the rapid and precise searching for partners to create the perfect team.

Sense  produces wireless, mobile and intelligent sensors and designs measuring systems. Sense was chosen to represent Poland in the CITIES Category.

For the CREATIVE Category the winner is RoboCamp which enhances STEM education using LEGO robot building and visual programming.

Startup Europe Awards recognizes the effort of the European startups in five levels (local, county, regional, national and European) in ten categories: Creative, Energy, Fintech, Green, Health, ICT, Smart Cities, Social, Tourism and Water. Each involved country will recognize the best local startups which will have the chance to compete to be awarded as the best European startups, in the Final ceremony to be held first quarter of 2017 in Brussels. For this reason, StartUp Europe Awards is “The Eurovision for Startups”.

StartUp Europe Awards is promoted by the European Commission and supported by the President of the Committee of the Regions, several members of the European Parliament as Ambassadors and it is implemented by Finnova Foundation in collaboration with Startup Europe.



StartUp Europe Awards has chosen the best six startups from Luxembourg

The winners of StartUp Europe Awards Luxembourg coordinated by Startup Grind Luxembourg were chosen with the collaboration of Nyuko​, 123 GO social contest, Lux Future Lab​ and EY Innovation on December 12.

The next six startups will represent Luxembourg in the European final of StartUp Europe Awards 2016 to be held first quarter of 2017 in Brussels.

Job Today, the easy-to-use app that connects employers and jobseekers, has been awarded in the SOCIAL category.

Digicash, that allows you to pay by smartphone as simple as SMS, is the winner for FINTECH category of SEUA Luxembourg.

For WATER Category the winner is APATEQ, which provides oil-water separation systems for oilfield operators as well as compact wastewater treatment plants and systems for industrial wastewater.

OUNI allows customers to do their grocery and household shopping while avoiding packaging waste. The first packaging-free organic grocery store in Luxembourg won for GREEN Category.

vyzVoice, the winner for ICT Category,  provides a highly secured cloud-based application infrastructure to manage your connected things.

Finally, the winner for ENERGY Category is SWIRL, a company which provides leading edge smart wind turbine solutions for grid edge and off-grid applications

Startup Europe Awards recognises the effort of the European startups in five levels (local, county, regional, national and European) in ten categories: Creative, Energy, Fintech, Green, Health, ICT, Smart Cities, Social, Tourism and Water. Each involved country will recognise the best local startups which will have the chance to compete to be awarded as the best European startups in the Final ceremony. For this reason, StartUp Europe Awards is called “The Eurovision for Startups”.

StartUp Europe Awards is promoted by the European Commission and supported by the President of the Committee of the Regions, several members of the European Parliament as Ambassadors and it is implemented by Finnova Foundation in collaboration with Startup Europe.