Startup Europe Awards

OUNI, winner of SEUA Luxembourg in Green Category

Country: Greece

Category: Creative

Name: ‘Convert Art’

Project Aim: Recycled art


Why you have created ?

We believe that rather than lamenting ourselves about the world’s problems, we should act to solve them following Gandhi’s famous axiom: “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

What problem you solve?

We decided to develop the project in response to many of the environmental and health problems in the world today. One example is plastic pollution in the ocean: The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) estimates the amount of plastic waste in the ocean at more than 100 million tons. Reducing waste also helps reduce the demand for raw materials, water and energy.

What point are you and for you what it represents Europe?

OUNI is a cooperative of more than 600 members who deeply share the values of coexistence, common good and interest of the community promoted in Europe.

In addition, a phrase or statement about what this recognition means to you as a CEO

OUNI, which means without in Luxembourguish, is a cooperative based on community and will not only be a place to shop: it also will be a community hub with a coffee corner and a space for regular workshops and events on common interests, such as recycling, waste prevention and Do-It-Yourself.