Startup Europe Awards

Health winner of SEUA Croatia is Studio Rebus/MERIDDA

: Croatia

Category: Health

Name: Studio Rebus/MERIDDA

Project Aim: Increase people’s awareness about stress and stress related healthcare issues and to provide them with adequate solutions.


What does Studio Rebus develops?

Studio Rebus develops connected technologies to address the effects of stress on brain, health and performance. Our purpose is to increase people’s awareness about stress and stress related healthcare issues and to provide them with adequate solutions. We are creating high quality software and wearable devices designed to support your health and well-being. We are committed, well orchestrated team, with just right amounts of experience, creativity and persistence.

How it works?

Our multi-platform software solutions and wearable device Meridda are advanced, personalized programs for stress and emotion management. The relevant information will provide our clients with better insights into their health, and help them identify and manage stress related problems more efficiently. The application software will rely on self-reported health and activity data input. It will also receive relevant data from our wearable device or other third party wearable devices, medical devices, etc. Based on these inputs, our proprietary software algorithm will provide users with relevant timely information and tools to help manage specific situations better.

Scientifically our technology will be based on integration of biofeedback with other self-regulatory methods. Biofeedback is the process that enables an individual to learn how to change physiological activity for the purposes of improving health and performance. The presentation of particular information (measuring physiological activity with instruments/devices) in conjunction with changes in thinking, emotions, and behavior supports desired physiological changes. This will in overall result in users living a healthier, stress free lives. This will in overall result in our clients living healthier lives.

How is the project going?

We are currently at the proof of concept stage. We are QA (quality assurance) testing our beta prototype. So far we have more than 600 hrs of recorded materials and our algorithm works at 85% of accuracy. Development is finished with phase I. which included Meridda iOS mobile application, data analysis and web portal feedback. In next 3 months.. After that phase the plan is to integrate with other devices, both mobile (Android and Win platforms) and wearable monitoring devices.

Next project?

We are small, early stage, healthcare startup from Croatia and as such we are part of European startup community. We are a part of European innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. Our goals are to create high quality healthcare products which will help people live healthier lives in EU and worldwide. We aim to create great healthcare products and to grow into successful company in Europe. This will in overall result in creating new jobs and new opportunities for an innovative company such is ours, primarily in Europe and European market.

 We are very pleased for the given opportunity to participate at Startup Europe Awards 2017 event. We fully support the initiative from European Comission to create a more coherent framework which will allow start-ups to grow and do business across Europe. Also we are very glad to present our project and its potential in front of a wider audience. The event which will happen in Bruxelles is huge responsibility and we are very proud to represent Croatia in health care domain.-    Tihana Petricevic, CEO.