Startup Europe Awards

Alho, the Macedonian winner for e-Health category


Country: Macedonia

Category: e-Health

Project aim: is a company based in Macedonia that aims to produce phone cases capable of emitting waves of heat and cold to provide a more comfortable use for phones, and to help people who suffer from Raynaud’s Syndrome.

How did you come up with this idea?

We are a startup company based in Macedonia that formed around September, 2017. Through a storm of ideas we didn’t come up with anything, but after finding out 2 of our members have Raynaud’s syndrome, we researched it a little bit and it turned out that it is a fairly newly discovered disease which has little to no treatment and no cure at all. So we looked into treatment for this disease, and as it turns out, even if there are very simple and effective ways to treat this disease, people are not utilizing them to their fullest extent. Not because they don’t want to, but because it’s futile. Unfortunately, being a newly discovered syndrome, with no cure and little treatment, Raynaud’s syndrome is very unknown. A large majority of the people that have it are completely unaware they do. It’s not very profitable for people to produce and sell treatment and medication if it’s just going to sit on the shelf. That’s where we step in. Inspired by this unawareness and ignorance, we aspire to not only create a profitable product which will help us further our cause, but to also put in a lot of effort to raise awareness for this syndrome.

What did you make with his idea?

We produce phone cases capable of emitting waves of heat and cold to provide a more comfortable use for phones, and to help people who suffers from this illness. We are aware that everyone likes to be comfortable always and we know that the ALHO case can provide that comfort at any time in any place.

What are your future for the future?

Because more than 10% of the world population suffers from this syndrome and a whole lot of them are unaware of its effects and causes, and are also unaware of how to treat it. There are also absolutely no estimates as to how many people who suffer from this syndrome are unaware that they do, so we believe that if awareness is raised, there will be a spike in the count of people diagnosed with this syndrome. We are currently in our assembly phase. Our project is moving along quite well, and by the time the international finals roll around we will have a working prototype, if not an already finished model of the ALHO phone case.

“We are very happy to be attending this competition and it means a great success for our collective and our community that we get to present our product to the European masses, and hopefully succeed in grabbing attention for our product to be funded and available at an earlier date than expected.” Stefan Manecski, ALHO CEO.