Startup Europe Awards

BZB UAS is the Polish winner of Agritech category

Country: Poland

Category:  Agritech

Project Aim: BZB UAS works integrating a drone with multispectral sensor, which gives the possibility to monitor agricultureand forest areas. From the data collected, it selects the appropriate quantities of fertilizer, finds macronutrient deficiencies and asses the condition of the grasslands and erosion on the slopes.

What does BZB UAS do?

Thanks to the help of the drone, we are able to generate large production savings and protect our environment (ground water) from contamination with excess of nitrogen fertilizer.

Our value proposition is fully autonomous Unmanned aerial system type VTOL (vertical take-off and land). It is a hybrid that combines the advantages of multirotor (drone) and plane.

Over 80% of aviation accidents (large and small- “drone” aviation) are caused by the human factor. By creating fully autonomous hybrid, we limited human factor in the aerial operation to a minimum.

Aircraft solution requires special launcher or hand throw to start the mission. With VTOL we need only a few meters of space to do the same. Aircraft have also problems with landing- its structure in susceptible to damage. Only multirotor or helicopter solution allows vertical take-off and land, but they have few disadvantage -lower operating range and flight speed.

Currently drones released for the commercial market do not have sufficient power resources to complete their tasks during long missions. Flight time of 20-90 minutes is definitely not enough to satisfy the most demanding customers. Our solution allows up to 4 hours of flight.

We have a working prototype and we are currently starting the commercialization.

CEO’s testimony:

Representing our country and Europe is a great distinction for our company. The nomination shows that drones and their various applications in the future will occupy a significant place in our world.

For me, as the CEO of BZB UAS company, the nomination to the European final gives Great satisfaction. We know that we are doing something very important and necessary for people, but understanding it by other people is invaluable and gives us more power to hard work.