Startup Europe Awards

CORRATA is the winner of Ireland in Cybersecurity category

Country: Ireland

Category: Cybersecurity

Name: Corrata

Proyect aim: Provide mobile security and data control solution for enterprise.


What do you do?

Our patent-pending software enables organizations to defend against mobile threats, block malicious and inappropriate content and eliminate unnecessary data usage. Mobile devices are increasingly mission critical for organizations. A wide variety of business processes across sales, customers services, operations and logistics depend on having a secure, cost effective and reliable mobile device fleet. However, the increased use of mobile for business-critical functions exposes organisations to new risk in terms of cyber security and new challenges in managing mobile service cost.

Which ones are the risk?

The mobile devices are used primarily beyond the perimeter of corporate network. As a result, the devices are exposed to threats from malware, insecure WIFI and social engineering attacks without the normal protections provided by cybersecurity infrastructure such as firewall, web gateways and anti-virus solutions.

Corrata´s software effectively extends these protections to mobile devices even when they are operating on mobile and WIFI network not controlled by the enterprise. Corrata´s technology provides enterprises with unprecedented visibility and control over mobile devices protecting their employees from web, device and infrastructure based threats. In addition, Corrata reduces mobile service cost and enhances compliance by applying acceptable usage policies to mobile, blocking malicious and inappropriate content and eliminating unnecessary data usage.

Who uses your application?

This solution is available, having been approved by Apple and Google for use on iOS and Android, is used, for example by Royal Bank of Scotland, Gas Networks Ireland, Sanne Group or ESB.

“As an Irish software stratup with the ambition to create a global cybersecurity company of scale we are delighted to selected as a finalist in the Cybersecurity category of the StartUp Europe Awards” Colm Healy CEO of Corrata