Startup Europe Awards

CULTUS, the winner in Edtech category in Macedonia

Country: Macedonia

Category: Edtech

Project aim: E-learning project portal promoting online education. Is an unique blog posts from education sphere, useful content about education topics, press releases and news from learning industry and options to get affiliate programs via its pages.

How Cultus emerged?

Cultus, the e-learning portal established in 2013, was created to serve the community of educators and learners in their endeavours to find useful news, insights, product reviews, resources, events, training and consultation on education technology that will improve teaching, learning and education activities. The mission of Cultus is to enhance the relationship between the education and its consumers.

What are the future plans?

The next step of this project will be creating of, a new hub where RRS news from e-learning industry will be aggregated, in addition to the wider affiliate program e-shop establishing and continuing of the blogs posting, all from only e-learning sphere. The necessity of having e-learning information compiled at one place rises since this type of information and resources is the future of learning and these resources are available in literally millions of web pages, without consumers really being aware of the advantages and value of content being offered.

This will minimize the time of web search established by Search Engine Optimization rules, which have different criteria of ranging the content relevance.  This new e-learning tool for e-learning community will be of an international character, as its content will be in English, with future options to upgrade it in other languages.