Startup Europe Awards

E9 Innovation LTD is the cypriot winner of the Edtech category

Country: Cyprus

Category: Edtech

Project aim: E9 Innovation builds high-quality, data-proven educational resources for kids that need it the most.  Over half of world’s population and 70% of illiteracy is located in the 9 biggest countries, collectively known as E9 countries.  According to UNESCO, parents in these countries spend up to 25% of available financial resources on supplementary education material in an attempt to help their kids have better lives.  Sadly, these resources are often poor quality and unreliable.

At E9 Innovation we build highly-accessible Android mobile applications optimised using machine-learning and comprehensive analytics to help kids master basic skills, at a global scale.  We’re proud to have just launched our first beta for students in Punjab, Pakistan preparing for provincial exams.  From here we will continue to iterate and release 15 more applications — focused both on basic skills and exam preparation — while improving our unique algorithms that help kids learn faster and more reliably.

What does E9 do?

E9 Innovation builds data-proven, mobile learning resources to kids that need it the most.

Why was E9 created? There is a global need for high-quality learning materials with proven results.  According to UNESCO Parents in emerging economies spend up to 25% of their financial resources on supplementary educational resources including tutors and extra schooling most of which has poor results.  By contrast the educational mobile applications built by E9 Innovation are data-driven and optimised using machine learning to help kids learn basic skills reliably and quickly. Parents in many emerging, high growth countries (E9 countries) do not have access to affordable, high-quality and affordable learning materials with proven results to help their kids learn basic skills.

What is the E9’s future?

We are launching our first application this month in cooperation with the government of Punjab, Pakistan to help kids prepare for provincial exams.  From here we will continue to improve the first series of mobile applications and scale up to bigger launches.We help Europe lead in the global educational space which has been identified as a strategic priority for Europe.

This recognition of course means a lot to our team that has worked hard on launching our first series of beta mobile applications.  This recognition also raises awareness of the unique opportunity to use technology and in particular mobile technology to address the global education challenge of our generation.