Startup Europe Awards

ECOCHE is the winner of Spain in green category

Country: Spain

Category: Green

Name: Ecoche

Project Aim: Change the power that moves our society,



Why did you create?

We believe in sustainable development and that innovation can be anywhere, because this is wherever this innovator. With this purpose and with the philosophy of reuse not to generate waste, it has developed a methodology to carry out the transformation of any combustion vehicle into electricity.

What is Ecoches about?

In addition we are creating the largest network of workshops with capacity to transform and give assistance to electric vehicles of Spain, promoting the economy distributed in the automotive sector. At Ecoche we transform diesel or petrol vehicles into 100% electric vehicles, reducing consumption costs by 80%, 100 km costing around € 1.5, and maintenance costs by 50%. On the other hand, the most economical and sustainable car is the one that is reused, eliminating treatment costs as waste at the end of its useful life and reducing GHG emissions by 90% compared to a new electric vehicle.In recent months we are putting the finishing touches to our prototypes, an all-terrain pickup and a commercial van, both ready for commercialization by the start of 2017.

Who supports you?

Thanks to the support of Finnova, with whom we have been accelerating since winning the prize to participate in the national final of the Start Up Europe Awards, we are opening our company to projects and consortiums at European level.We are an example of an accelerated project through a methodology of public-private partnership and open innovation. ECOCHE has been able to turn its idea into an environmental pilot project demonstrating a LIFE project led by the City of Seville through the public cleaning company (LIPASAM). With this methodology, the consortium opts for a European funding of € 2 million in the LIFE 2017 call and, if approved, ECOCHE will be able to work, together with other technological partners, on the pilot tests for the transformation of the LIPASAM fleet of combustion vehicles into Electric vehicles and demonstrate its low-cost solution for 3 years; And thanks to the validation of LIPASAM, you can more easily opt for public fleet contracts.


AWARDSZinc Shower 2016

“Winning the national end of the SEUA in the category of green economy has meant great visibility at the average level, and perhaps most importantly, it has given force to the whole team of Ecoche to advance in our idea to make accessible the sustainable mobility to Everything the world “. Mario Fernández, CEO and Co-founder ECOCHE.