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Emprende TVE reports on the upcoming launch of the Acceleration Programme of the European project FU-TOURISM

The CEO of the Finnova Foundation, Juanma Revuelta, reports on TVE about the European project FU-TOURISM, a 4 million euros project to accelerate 62 startups and 40 scaleups, which aims to support innovative SMEs for tourism in Greece, Poland, Spain, Croatia, Belgium and Austria.

The aim of the acceleration programme, which will be officially launched on 27 September, is to select and fund the best innovative ideas in sustainability and digitalisation in the tourism sector in these countries through a 5-month blended programme of funding and learning support. The 102 selected SMEs will receive 20,000 euros, together with training and business support services to help them in their sustainability, resilience and innovation, thus contributing to the European Green Pact and the Digital Single Market.

The Fu-TOURISM project, funded with 4 million euros by the Single Market Programme (SMP), establishes a support network in six European countries to support a total of 102 SME projects (60 in the first phase and 42 in the second phase) aiming to transform their tourism practices towards sustainability, resilience and innovation.

You can watch the video here.

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