Startup Europe Awards

Energy Solaris is the romanian winner of the Energy category

Country: Romania

Category: Energy

Project Aim: Solar cooling to beat global warmingIt’s ironic: today’s cooling causes global warming. And the hotter it gets, the more cooling we’ll need. Demand for cooling is skyrocketing, especially in emerging growth markets (e.g. CAGR of air conditioning in India is 10-15%). The scale of the challenge is impressive. An estimated 1.6 Billion room air conditioners will be installed by 2050 (U.S. Department of Energy).

Better Cooling (incl Refrigerant Management) has more potential to impact global warming than Solar Farms, Rooftop Solar, LED Lighting and Electric Vehicles combined ( If air conditioners were just 30% more efficient we could prevent 10% of the emissions (98 GT CO2e) left to stay under 2C degrees of warming (Berkeley Laboratory, 2015).

With AirSolaris COOL we’re looking at not 30% but 50% more efficient. A game-changer for air conditioning. As a company, we aim to remove 2 GT CO2e by 2050, and be for the cooling industry what Tesla is for cars.

What does Energy Solaris do?

AirSolaris COOL is a proposed application of EnergySolaris’ solar air heating collectors with other products that cool, dry and recover energy from air. Boosted by solar tech that’s 4x more efficient than solar PV, it is expected to use less electricity than existing HVAC systems. EnergySolaris’ solar air heating collector – AirSolaris PLUS – was ISO-9806 tested at Fraunhofer ISE and outperforms the solar air market leaders. By developing game-changing technologies for the world, and ensuring favourable market conditions, Europe is the leader in addressing global climate change.

“We’re incredibly honoured to have been chosen to represent Romania in the Energy category, and our solar air conditioning solutions at the EU finals” Erik Parson, Energy Solari´s CEO