Startup Europe Awards

EPlanetSport is the croatian winner for the IoT category

Country: Croatia

Category: IoT

Project Aim: This team consists of friends and sports enthusiasts. It all started as an idea in 2010. Our main goal is to promote sport as a way of life through our sport network. The whole world is talking about all sorts of negative impacts with usage of modern social media but no one has presented a solution. Until now. Our goal is to be the first European sport network recognized on a global scale. This is our answer on global social networks.

What does ePlanetSport do?

If you are really into sports you will not go to a supermarket and buy sport equipment, you will go to the specialized store in sport’s ware.  You do that because the quality of the desired product is what you are looking for. That gave us an idea. Make a specialized sport network. A place where you can find absolutely everything relating to sport and it’s aspects.

Through this we will connect, people, disabled people, schools, students, sport associations, business. It’s going to help the development of sport tourism in some communities. With this project we make sure that interest for sport in younger population becomes their priority as it is the best way of keeping ourselves healthy. Connecting sport on multiple levels, building a new standard.

What is the ePlanetSport’s future?

As a CEO of this project I’m thrilled that Finnova gave us the great chance to promote the future of European sport and sport networking in general. This invitation is the proof that hard work and good ideas are welcome in the European Union.