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The European Commission, adds efforts, resources and calls on those SMEs and new companies with technologies or innovations that can help in “treatment, testing, monitoring or other aspects” to combat the COVID-19. In this exceptional call, projects may be under 500,000 euros. Open emergency call for SMEs to submit projects to combat the side effects of the coronavirus.

Details of the urgent call for projects to combat the Coronavirus

It can be applied urgently in the next round of funding from the European Innovation Council, to the EIC Accelerator, which is open until Friday 20 March at 5pm Brussels time. The budget of the call is a total of 164 million euros.

Juan Manuel Revuelta, Director General of the Finnova Foundation, encourages companies to submit their projects “Normally these projects are between 500,000 and 2.5 million euros, exceptionally in this case they may be less than 500,000 euros and in addition projects that are of interest may be financed by other EC and external financial channels such as additional funding from regional and national governments or private foundations”.

Given this situation, the Commission is accelerating the provision of these EIC grants and combined financing (together with capital investments) for innovations that support this cause. It will also seek to facilitate access to other sources of funding and investment.

Examples of innovations against COVID-19 that are already being supported

Some examples of innovations that have already been supported by EIT that contribute to the fight against Coronavirus are EpiShuttle (specialized isolation units), M-TAP project ( filtration to remove viral material), MBENT Project (human mobility tracking during epidemics).

Finnova supports in the application for these grants

Finnova is the European Foundation for Innovation Funding, Lola Bordás, responsible for communication of the entity, informed that Finnova will establish open innovation strategies that will contribute to provide disruptive solutions against this pandemic and that will facilitate public-private partnerships such as the Health startup europe Accelerator, project in which Finnova will focus its work.

Likewise, we also call on all those companies or SMEs that can provide an innovative solution or idea to disseminate this call for proposals.

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