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Free Covid-19 webinar arrives with low-cost solutions that prevent the spread of the virus


Webinar COVID-

Next Wednesday 16th of December from 17:00 to 19:00 will be presented online the webinar “Free Covid-19” organized from Brussels by the Finnova foundation. The purpose is to show new innovative low-cost technologies that help prevent the virus and regain confidence in users of the most affected areas and spaces such as coworking, hospitals, public transport and tourist establishments.


The Covid-19 leaves today 1.5 million deaths worldwide and indoor places with poor ventilation represent areas with higher risks of infection than outdoor spaces according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Because of this problem, the pandemic has left behind infinite economic losses in sectors such as tourism, where an estimated 300 million fewer tourists and US$ 320 billion in lost international tourism revenue are stated by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).  This leads to rethinking affordable, user-friendly solutions that implement good environmental practices to reduce the risk of virus infection, which will be presented in the webinar “Free Covid-19”.


The use of urban public transport has decreased, as it is considered a focus of contagion and infection, which is why projects such as CD-Clean COVID-19 new disinfection formulation will be shown, whose objective is to join the fight against the pandemic in an active, efficient and ecological way through an antiseptic gel of long-lasting effect that adheres to surfaces.  This is a public-private partnership project funded by the COVID-19 call launched by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology in Urban Mobility (EIT Urban Mobility). CD-Clean COVID-19 new disinfection formulation was one of the 11 projects approved by this prestigious institute in the extraordinary call for proposals of 5 million euros against the pandemic.


However, studies have confirmed that the airborne transmission of Covid-19 is true, which has led to the closure of offices, shopping malls and in turn to a loss of confidence in enclosed places such as hospitals. In this sense, DuctFIT, a new fully automated technology that is easy to install and maintain, generates H2O2 ions that eliminate more than 99% of the virus (including Covid-19) and bacteria in the air and surfaces. In addition, this solution eliminates elements such as mites, pollen, odors, smoke, chemical compounds and gases, improving air quality and the well-being of workers and customers in enclosed spaces.


This event will have the participation of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) through Natalia Bayona, director of innovation, education and investment of the international entity which will inform us of the current situation through which this sector passes. Also, Dirk Paelinck founder and CEO of Interoffices the second largest network of business centers and coworking spaces in Belgium will give his vision of the impact of the Covid-19 in these workspaces and the consequence of the implementation of teleworking in their sector.


The webinar attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the mechanisms of operation of these and other new technologies committed to the prevention of the spread of Covid-19. It is intended to reach all audiences interested in innovation who want to know the different forms of funding for economic recovery of the European Union that finance disruptive public-private partnership projects.


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