Startup Europe Awards

GreenScan is the Bulgarian winner for Agritech category  


Country: Bulgary

Category: Agritech

Project Aim: The main objective of GreenScan is to help the growth and the developement of a precise agriculture by monitoring the growing crop and his characteristics with drones, wich will extract important datas and informations that are goint to be very important for the development of agriculture in the monitored areas. These datas will help the farmers to be warned of the possible dangers that their products can face and also the farmers will have a particular description of the corn’s condition.This will also help the agriculture to reduce the usage of chemical fertilizers, the time spent in making decisions and therefore save a considerable amount of money.

What does GreenScan do?

In a world where information travel fast, there’s no doubt this is an innovative project that will improve the farmer’s work and will also save their proucts. Being awarned of dryness, desease and general issues of the crop means that you can look for a solution in the less time possible.The drones will provide informations also about the entire crop cycle, including datas about the soil, about the planting, the irrigation and all the aspects of agriculture, so that the farmers can have the biggest amount of information in the fastest way possible. This will help to find the better solution in a very short time.These realtime data are provided by the drones that scan the earth and then provide elaborate NDVI maps with all the information possible about the vital condition of vegetation.

How does it work?

GreenScan’s team spent 6 months using their drones in different cultures, then, they processed the drone imagery in GIS environment and elaborate precise NDVI maps wich can detect structural, chlorophyll and water stresses, indicate crop disease, compare vegetation conditions in various areas and highlight which fields need closer examination and special care, facilitating agriculture producers in their everyday life while at the same time contributes to better and more sustainable environment.