Startup Europe Awards

Hex Wix will represent Ukrania at StartUp Europe Awards in 2017

  • The only startup, Hex Wix, thatis going to represent Ukrania at SEUA17 is in Creative category.

HexWix is a platform for eSports to search for teams and players. This startup helps gamers to enter the professional level. This startup was selected by Gwara Media, the Ukranian Country Manager. This country will be represted in Creative category in SEUA17

According to HexWix creators, cybersport needs a player development system that has already been formed in more traditional sports. “Gamers have to spend a lot of time searching for cybersport tournaments and teams” said Roman Sirenko. “HexWix will solve real problems of users: it will help to find a player, team, coaches and sponsors, as well as provide a calendar of tournaments. Now recruiting players is set – the base of competitions is developed taking into account all the details that are interesting to athletes” continues.

In the future, the project will provide solutions based on machine learning: team selection, prospective assessment and player compatibility testing. This startups was the winner of the Radar Tech telecom accelerator and Seedstars Ukraine finalist.