Startup Europe Awards

HOP WAVE is the winner of SEUA Greece in Tourism category

Country: Greece


Name: Hopwave

Project Aim: booking platform developed for the needs of travelers visiting the Greek islands.




Why did you create Hopwave?

By creating a network of all small boat excursions, transportation itineraries and activities like scuba diving, snorkelling and fishing trips, hopwave provides travelers with many options that cover their leisure and transportation needs in small and bigger island complexes.

During our first year of activity, we have successfully included 10 islands as starting points and provided trips to 20 islands-destinations. Through hopwave travelers can now choose between 129 daytrips, that cover 105 unique destinations around Sporades, Cyclades and Dodecanese.

Who is your main client?

We deliver our services to individual travelers via the hopwave mobile app and our website where we provide information about the boats and routes, images of the destinations and ratings from other users, to help travelers decide what tour or trip they want to book when visiting Greek islands.

Hopwave also addresses the tour operators’ market. We allow tour operator companies, travel agencies, hotels and resort to provide such services to their customers and help them increase their revenues. We currently address companies that offer or organize trips, holiday packages and excursions around the Greek Islands.

We created hopwave to allow every traveler to live a unique and fun island hopping experience when visiting Greece. We want to give travelers a reason to travel more, explore more destinations and easily travel around islands with a few taps on their smartphones.

When did you found Hopware?

Hopwave was founded in May 2016 and after a great summer season we are preparing new features and services for the summer of 2017. New B2B dashboards, API and widgets will be available in 2017 for partner companies and a much wider network of boats and trips will be our main focus.


Our team consists of three members. George Pilpilidis, co-founder and CEO, George Siatras, co-founder and CTO, and Eleanna Gkotsopoulou, Marketing Manager. We are proud to have been selected to represent Greek Tourism Startups at the European Startup Awards. This award is an opportunity to show how we at hopwave perceive tourism and how Greece can offer innovative and user friendly options to welcome and serve travelers during their vacation.