Startup Europe Awards

JITIV is the winner of Energy category in Poland

Country: Poland

Category: Energy


Project Aim: Save energy and can alert about the failure of electrical equipment.



What is Jitiv?

Jitiv is a comprehensive system for managing electrical devices in the home. With that users can manage their smart home from any location. Jitiv is not an ordinary smart house system, because it is supported by the machine learning algorithms. According to that Jitiv is truly smart, because it can tell us how to effectively save energy and can alert about the failure of electrical equipment. It also learns about devices usage, so it can do certain tasks automatically.

How it works?

Jitiv Energy are miniature devices hidden in the wall behind the socket, which installation is very simple and does not require making changes in the wall or the electrical system. The system does not require any additional equipment connected to global communication. To use the full functionality of Jitiv system we only need to buy Jitiv Energy and install Jitiv mobile application. Jitiv devices interact with each other so that the system is not limited by wifi range.


Nomination for the Startup Europe Award is a great honor. I am very happy with this nomination, because it shows that despite many smart house systems, our proposition is strongly distinguished from the competition. This appointment gives the whole team a lot of positive energy.