Startup Europe Awards

JOBS TODAY is the winner of Social Category in Luxembourg

Country: Luxembourg

Category: Social

Name: Jobs Today

Project Aim: Change the way people search and find casual jobs.


What is JOB TODAY?

JOB TODAY is a mobile-first social hiring platform that connects employers with jobseekers faster than ever before. Processing over one million job applications each week, the app streamlines the recruitment process by giving people the power to communicate instantly. This application changes the way people search and find casual jobs.

How does it work?

 After creating a profile (a photo plus professional experience) in a matter of minutes, jobseekers can use the app’s simple interface to browse through a list of jobs in their local area. Search functionality allows candidates to focus on relevant keywords and instant chat gives them the ability to communicate directly with prospective employers. By taking the recruitment process into the mobile and social spheres, JOB TODAY saves time for both employers and jobseekers, with 74% of the platform’s job matches occurring within 24 hours.

Why the need for JOB TODAY?

 Having struggled to source staff at short notice while managing a chain of petrol stations in Luxembourg, JOB TODAY Founder and COO Polina Montano realised that hiring for the service industry was broken. Industry research shows that 75% of recruitment in hospitality and retail involves paper CVs, which often contain lots of unnecessary information and can become out of date within days.

JOB TODAY creates a solution for recruiters by giving them the ability to search through, and communicate directly with, a massive pool of active jobseekers. This saves time and allows employers to focus on running their businesses.

Where does the project currently stand?

 JOB TODAY is the fastest growing social hiring platform. Since launch in May 2015 it has attracted over 2 million candidates and over 175,000 businesses. The value offered by the app has made it a vital part of the recruitment process at some of the biggest brands (McDonalds, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Subway) as well as thousands of smaller independent businesses. Although the platform is growing rapidly, loyal business customers account for over 50% of job offers.

Having recently acquired $20 million from investors (Accel Partners, Mangrove Capital, Felix Capital, Flint Capital, Channel 4, German Media Pool VC and Atresmedia) the company is looking to expand across major European countries. With over 60 million vacancies each year in key markets, JOB TODAY has the potential to radically improve access to the European labour market.

How does JOB TODAY represent Europe?

 The platform operates across a number of European locations with plans to expand into more countries in 2017. Because skills in retail and hospitality are transferrable across the continent, the platform is an invaluable tool for European expats looking for work in new cities.

What does it mean to Polina?

 The JOB TODAY team is honoured to receive this recognition of our work – helping people find jobs is our mission in life. By bringing the inventory of “hidden jobs” online and making them available and visible to job seekers, as well as helping business owners to fill their vacancies literally within a day- we believe we are making this world a better place. We believe this exposure will help us on our way to make a positive impact on society. We are also looking forward to connecting with other exciting European startups in Europe.