Startup Europe Awards


· These awards are being held on the occasion of Feria Internacional Mindtech, which will take place from 14 to 16 September.

· The jury have awarded enterprises – out of thirty participants – upholding sustainability and innovation in several sectors.

· Awardees will be handed their prizes in a gala dinner on Tuesday 14 September.

[Brussels 08/09/2021] The second edition of SEUA-Mindtech Awards, an initiative endorsed by the European Union, has been recently celebrated – and the final winners have been announced. These awards are being held within Feria Internacional Mindtech (in English, Mindtech International Fair), which will take place from 14 to 16 September in Vigo.

The SEUA-Mindtech Awards are being organised within the framework of Startup Europe Awards (SEUA), an initiative headed by the European Commission and implemented by Finnova Foundation to reward innovative ideas. SEUA specialise in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship as well as helping businesses to obtain EU funds.

The jury in charge of selecting winners is made up of enterprises and institutions which have a relevant role in the business and innovation sector, viz. Asime, Finnova, Igape, Gain, Concello de Vigo (Vigo Local Council), Deputación de Pontevedra (Pontevedra Regional Government), Icex, Ifevi, CZFV, and Abanca.

Awardees include:

  • Industry 4.0: Senseye, UK. Senseye is a company headquartered in Southampton offering a scalable predictive maintenance solution.
  • Circular Economy: VERSA Real Projects, Vigo. VERSA Real Projects is a spin-off of Soltec Ingenieros based in Galicia. VERSA uses modular constructions utilising shipping containers for commercial purposes. This innovative idea enables reusing industrial equipment, thus stimulating the circular economy.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Grupo Davila, Vigo. This company has been awarded due to its educational, social, and environmental approach, i.e. working with mentally disabled persons, favouring the social insertion of vulnerable groups, fostering the protection and care of the environment, and promoting equality in sport.
  • Innovation: Congalsa, A Pobra do Caramiñal. The jury has awarded Congalsa for its leading role in the food industry 4.0 sector in Galicia and its project on connected industry. Congalsa has developed a smart factory model which allows cybersecurity, digitalisation, eco-sustainability, and data analysis.
  • Mobility: Digamel, Vigo. Digamel is an electricity distribution company which promotes the installation of recharge points for electric vehicles. These recharge points are located in buildings, public institutions, hotels, fuel stations, etc. They offer a turnkey solution aiming to foster electric mobility.
  • Startup: For the first time, the jury has decided to award two enterprises which scored equally after the experts and the public voted. The voting process has been open during the whole month of August and it has received a remarkable number of votes from social media.
  • TripleAlpha, Padrón. TripleAlpha bases its operations in three fundamental elements: machine learning, cloud computing, and data science. The goal of TripleAlpha is to extract data via its own machine learning platform (AlphaCloud) whereby the value of each datum is obtained to turn it into knowledge helping improve profitability and productivity of clients in a sustainable and active manner.
  • UARX Space, Nigrán. UARX Space focuses on RDI, particularly the creation of spatial missions and the design of transport satellites to launch small satellites to unconventional orbits and to deep space from low orbits from the Earth.

The SEUA-Mindtech awards will be handed during the gala dinner on Tuesday 14 September in Vigo.

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About Feria Internacional Mindthech

The industrial sector and particularly the metal sector and its associated technologies make up over 20% of GDP in Galicia. One of the key areas of any industrial sector is internationalisation. In fact, most current companies work at an international level, and they have extensive expertise in implementing highly complex and difficult tasks.

The Feria Internacional Mindtech was created to develop highly specialised activities focused on innovation and the achievement of key competences to turn the metal sector into a highly competitive industry at a global level. The metal sector and its associated technologies comprise a wide range of intertwined industries, which makes the metal sector one of the most potent sectors. It also has a great potential to diversify new products and markets.

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About Startup Europe Awards

Startup Europe Awards is an initiative by DG CONNECT and has been implemented by Finnova Foundation since 2016. Startup Europe Awards are an innovative mechanism aimed at identifying disruptive startups promoting private-public partnership alliances. They also seek to raise awareness on the importance of self-entrepreneurship as a driving force for job creation. In addition to promoting networks to meet the UN SDGs and the European Green Deal objectives, they also contribute to the circular economy, sustainable tourism and the fight against climate change.

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About Finnova Foundation

Finnova Foundation is a Belgian-Spanish foundation working to finance innovative ideas under EU-funded programmes. Finnova aims to promote private-public cooperation through innovation in order to address social challenges, e.g. employment, training, entrepreneurship, SDGs, and the circular economy. Being committed to innovation, Finnova has been organising Startup Europe Awards since 2016 – an initiative launched by the European Commission’s DG Connect.

Finnova is headquartered in Belgium and Spain. It is also present in Chile, Panama, and other Spanish regions – the Valencian Community, the Basque Country, Andalusia, Madrid and the Canary Islands.

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