Startup Europe Awards

Live Electric Tour is the portuguese winner for the tourism category

Country: Portugal

Category: Tourism

Project Aim: We’ve created Live Electric Tours because we love challenges. Creating a new company linked to electric mobility was without a doubt the greatest challenge of our lives. We believe that we will be able to change some mentalities and contribute to a greener future in the cities, giving space to more sustainable tourism.


What does Live Electic Tour do?

There has to be mobility and connectivity in the tourism sector:

Who are the new tourists and what are their needs? This was the question that brought us to our starting point. The new tourists are young, used to make city breaks, and willing to be always online to share on social networks their traveling experiences. When we looked for a mobility solution to solve all these requirements, we did not find an answer. With this challenge we created Live Electric Tours. A Self-Drive Experience, in a 100% electric vehicles, equipped with free wifi, GPS Audio guide, and a world wide innovation, a live camera that allows you to transmit the whole experience live with family and friends through social networks.

What is Live Electric Tour future?


Being able to present Live Electric Tours to Europe represents that we can demonstrate that in Portugal there are Startups with a similar level of innovation that in the other EU countries.

As CEO, winning this award represents a lot. It is an extra motivation, it represents recognition at a national level.

Being able to compete in Europe with our project is a huge pride, which reinforces an old maxim: sometimes dreams come true.