Startup Europe Awards

Loceye is the greek winner for the creative category


Country: Greece

Category: Creative

Project Aim: Loceye started with the idea of democratizing Eye tracking analysis and give the opportunity to User Experience Designers and Marketeers to study their users-customers and see from their eyes.

How does eye tracking works?

So far the eye tracking was made with external hardware and in lab environment and by that Eye tracking studies were limited in scaling because you can’t bring 100 people with the proper demographics for your survey in one day in a lab. But that changes radically with a SaaS platform for Eye tracking analysis with the only requirement of a single web camera, embedded or not.

Benefits of Loceye

With Loceye:

  1. a) You can run experiments with an unlimited number of remote users. No limits to test size. You can run your tests with as many participants as you like. A larger number of participants translates to much more reliable insights.
  2. b) You can test much faster. You can have thousands of testers take part in an eye-tracking analysis in parallel and have your results collected, analysed and presented instantly.
  3. c) There is no equipment to purchase and maintain. Run as many experiments you need, when you need them. Eye-tracking with reliability and speed at a fraction of the cost.

Change the experience

With those kind of surveys our main goal is to help UX designers and researchers get proper insights about what the users are seeing in their web services, and by that create a more human-centred experience for them.

Other usages for eye tracking

Eye tracking is a powerful technology and can give as early predictions for Dyslexia and ADHD with only watching how the eyes of the tester are moving. So beside our commercial use, we want to have a deep impact with Loceye and help our world and Europe by providing a tool for an early diagnose of dyslexia and ADHD.