Startup Europe Awards

MaxWhere is the hungarian winner of the IoT category

Country: Hungary

Category: IoT

Project Aim: The MaxWhere Engine and Ecosystem incorporates several new technologies. Our patent pending Cognitive Navigation (CogiNav) technology allows users to navigate 3D spaces seamlessly, using nothing more than a laptop and a regular mouse.



What is MaxWhere ?

MaxWhere is a platform for the management of all forms of digital content in 3D spaces. In creating MaxWhere, we are motivated by the belief that in much the same way that character-based interfaces (e.g., DOS) were replaced in the late 1990s by windowing systems (e.g., Windows), so the widespread use of 2D windows should soon be superseded by 3D spatial content.

How does it work?

Our core product is the MaxWhere Engine, which, though in many ways similar to today’s highly successful graphical engines (e.g., Unity, Unreal), is also very much unlike these, because it was optimized for applications not in gaming, but in everyday digital life and in professional industry – including IoT applications. Based on the MaxWhere Engine, we are developing a complete ecosystem for applications in productivity, education, and industry. Third-party developers can also license our engine to create their own white label products.

What are does Maxwhere provides you?

Maxwhere helps you to be always on top of your projects with his fast and innovative interfaces. It gives you the chance to switch between projects & teams and share your content in the fastest way possible. It also connects you to other collaboration apps already very used (teamwork, trello, slack, asana … and more). It’s easy to learn and the 3D graphic make your work more interesting, without slowing it down. It also can be used by students to improve the velocity of their studies.

What did Maxwhere accomplished?

Our Browser23 technology represents a new philosophy towards web surfing: instead of forcing users to place a limited number of tabs side by side, limiting their options in switching between them and finding the right ones at the right time, it allows browser windows to be laid out in 3D space, grouped by topic and scaled in size by importance. More recently, we developed the Ultra Sharing technology, which enables users to create VR offices containing a large number of documents and even complete project workflows, and to then share those offices with a single click. Research shows that all of these solutions combined make for a hugely effective way to visualize, share and work on large amounts of information while maintaining a low cognitive workload – a huge asset for understanding, configuring and managing large-scale networked digital ecosystems.


What is the Maxwhere’s history?

The year 2017 saw the first public release of MaxWhere as a presentation tool with 3D slides in interactive spaces. This solution is a blend between PowerPoint and Prezi, extended with 3D objects. MaxWhere’s application store was also opened in 2017 ( with a number of publicly available spaces and interactive 3D applications. From a technological standpoint, MaxWhere guarantees an accelerating growth in 3rd party applications through its unique way of combining 3D spaces with web technologies; thus the rich world of open source software (such as Node.js, NPM, and Node-RED) can be channeled into MaxWhere applications.