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Mobility and sustainable transport in cities the main topics of the webinar for the #EUGreenWeek2021: “S-MOVING Zero Emissions Smart and Sustainable Mobility Alliance”

Mobility and sustainable transport in cities the main topics of the webinar for the #EUGreenWeek2021: “S-MOVING Zero Emissions Smart and Sustainable Mobility Alliance”

The online event, organised by FYCMA and the Finnova Foundation for the European Green Week, will take place on Thursday, 3rd June from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. (CEST)

The event promotes the generation of alliances for an ecological and efficient approach to transport in the cities of the future

This meeting is the prelude to the S-MOVING Forum which will be held in Malaga on the 29th and 30th September 2021

Banner of “S-MOVING Zero Emissions Smart and Sustainable Mobility Alliance”, an online event within the framework of the #EUGreenWeek

Brussels, 27.05.2021 – Next Thursday, 3rd June 2021, FYCMA (Palace of Fairs and Congresses of Malaga), with the support of the Finnova Foundation, organises the professional webinar within the framework of the European Green Week 2021 #EUGreenWeek “S-MOVING Zero Emissions Smart and Sustainable Mobility Alliance” on the occasion of the World Environment Day (5th, June) to address sustainable mobility in urban centers.

The European Green Week 2021 #EUGreenWeek, organised by the Directorate General for the Environment of the European Commission, will take place from the 31th May to the 4th June 2021 with a defined cross-cutting topic: “Zero Pollution”. This annual event, which is an opportunity to debate European environmental policy, will feature online events in all member countries of the European Union.

“S-MOVING Zero Emissions Smart and Sustainable Mobility Alliance”, which aligns with up to five of the 17 SDG challenges of the United Nations, specifically 3, 7, 9, 11 and 13, has as its main objectives to promote the latest developments of mobility and intelligent, sustainable and efficient transport, provide a space to generate business, establish alliances promoting innovative ecosystems to promote new industries and advance disruptive changes in aspects such as infrastructure and energy, urban mobility, zero pollution or electrical transports.

Mobility is one of the human activities that generates the most environmental impact. On the one hand, it uses energy inefficiently and produces air and noise pollution; on the other, it occupies a large amount of land and the infrastructures on which it depends are the cause of the permanent transformation of the territory they occupy, modifying its entire environment. Coinciding with the European Year of the Railway, S-MOVING focuses on innovation and the application of new technologies in mobility and transport, which in turn has repercussions in the productive, business, social and environmental fields.

To face the challenge of sustainable and efficient mobility and transport, this webinar will have the participation of numerous experts, among which are Isabel García Muñoz, MEP member of the Transport and Tourism Commission, Alberto Moreno, CEO at T-Box Delivery & Solutions, Mariano Sydney Rubio, partner Urban Resilience SL, Daniel Serra, director of the EIT Urban Mobility, Raúl García Brink, technical coordinator of Economic Development, Energy Sovereignty, Climate and Knowledge of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, among others.

The event will pay special attention to how European NextGenerationUE funds can support companies in their transition towards sustainability thanks to the participation of experts in the achievement of the different funds offered by the European Union.

 “S-MOVING Zero Emissions Smart and Sustainable Mobility Alliance” is the online precedent of the face-to-face event S-MOVING, Intelligent and Sustainable Mobility, a forum that will be held at the Malaga Trade Fair and Congress Center on the 29th and 30th September 2021 with all the necessary anti-COVID-19 security measures. This meeting, aligned with the achievement of zero carbon emissions and the fight against climate change, will feature different spaces in which different national and international both public and private actors will present their proposals and generate alliances focused on smart mobility and sustainable transport.

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About the Finnova Foundation

A Spanish-Belgian Foundation for the financing of innovation, whose objectives are to promote public-private cooperation through innovation to address social challenges such as employment, training, entrepreneurship, the United Nations SDGs, the circular economy, etc. In its commitment to innovation, Finnova has organised the Startup Europe Awards since 2016, an initiative of the DG Connect of the European Commission.

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FYCMA (Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga) has established itself as one of the most active trade fair organizers in Southern Europe, specializing in the conceptualization and development of professional events in to the field of innovation, digital transformation and the generation of knowledge. These forums, highly specialized and with an international vocation, share the common objective of fostering the recruitment of talent and investment, at the same time ensuring convergence between the capacities of the Spanish productive and research fabric and facilitating physical and virtual spaces for the generation of business, launch of disruptive projects, new opportunities and the establishment of alliances. The venue contributes with them to the positioning of Malaga and Andalusia among the key prescribers of the advanced sectors, as well as the strengthening of the Spain brand in an increasingly digital and connected world.

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About Greencities and S-MOVING

Greencities, Intelligence and Urban Sustainability and S-MOVING, Intelligent and Sustainable Mobility, will hold their next editions on the 29th and 30th September in person at FYCMA (Palace of Fairs and Congresses of Malaga), converging in a single business and knowledge space, and also providing a comprehensive vision of the challenges of the territories and their management through a global concept of sustainability. Thus, positioned as the main national platform on tools, solutions and ideas for the development of smart, sustainable and connected territories, they will address in depth issues such as technology and connectivity as tools against depopulation, the opportunities of the smart tourist destinations, public transport as the axis for sustainable mobility, 5G and connected and autonomous mobility, or the potential of green hydrogen, among others.

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About Startup Europe Awards

It is a methodology of the DG CONNECT of the European Commission, implemented by the Finnova Foundation since 2016. SEUA is an open innovation tool to identify disruptive startups that promote public-private collaboration and raise awareness about the importance of self-entrepreneurship as a driver generator of employment. In addition to generating alliances that help meet the United Nations SDGs and the actions of the European Green Deal, thus contributing to the circular economy, the fight against climate change and sustainable tourism.

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About Startup Europe Accelerathon

Startup Europe Accelerathon aims to identify innovative ideas eligible for funding from the European Union, such as the LIFE program, Green Deal, Horizon 2020 or NextGenerationEU. Startup Europe Accelerathon follows the indications of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, contributing from each challenge to the proposed SDG objectives; within the framework of the Startup Europe Awards methodology of DG CONNECT of the European Commission that was born from DG Research and Development in 2020 with the pan-European Hackthevirus campaign. It has been successfully carried out with governments such as the Valencian Community with the challenge of industrial polluting waters or the Junta de Andalucía with the challenge of the fight against climate change, forest management and innovation in prevention, fire fighting and regeneration of burned areas.

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