Startup Europe Awards

NEURON GUARD, winner of SEUA Italy in Health category

Country: Italy

Category: Health

Name: Neuron Guard

Project aim: to develope a life-saving medical device for the treatment of brain damages that aims at becoming the standard of care for Therapeutic Temperature Management (TTM) therapy.




Where did the idea come from?

Acute brain damage (ABD) represents a major and growing challenge to modern
medicine It is the second leading cause of death for those over 50 years of age and the leading cause of long-term disability, with growing costs related to care, support, and social assistance. The prevalence of Acute Brain Damage consequences is estimated at 1.7 million new patients in the US and 2.6 million in the EU, which gives a sense for the heavy burden of Acute Brain Damage on society.

How does it work?

It is composed by a warming/cooling collar connected to a control unit able to collect all the data of the treatment and transmit them to the Emergency Response Systems. It is in fact the only one that can be used in every circumstance, inside and outside the hospital, and allows the user to fully manage the temperature of the patient, reducing the costs of chronic care and improving the safety of patients on the roadside, at home or in the workplace. Our vision is to make it as widely
available as defibrillators (AED) to provide substantial savings to health providers.

CEO of Neuron Guard

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