Startup Europe Awards

Nextome is the Italian winner for Cybersecurity category

Country: Italy

Category: Cybersecurity

Project aim: Nextome is leader in indoor positioning. It localizes, guides and tracks users and asset with a simple to install, ready-to-use and low-cost solution.


What Nextome does?

Nextome technology has over 4 years of research to achieve high accuracy location of the user´s smartphone. The system catches the signal of Bluetooth beacons spread inside the environment and, thanks to proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms, it calculates the position of the user with an accuracy about 1.5 meters.

The system is patented and the calculation is performed inside the smartphone, so Nextome doesn´t need a powerful infrastructure or a continuous internet connection to perform the localization. Most of indoor positioning system are expensive or need configuration phases to be used. With Nextome you need only to install the beacons on suggested positions and the system works.

“We are very honoured to be part f the best European companies-Italian business enterprise has nothing to envy to that to the other countries” Vincenzo Dentamaro, Nextome´s CEO.