Startup Europe Awards

NURSIFY winner of SEUA Greece in Health category

Country: Greece

Category: Health

Name: Nursify

Project aim: To help close the gap between the time an injury or health problem occurs and the time professional medical care arrives by using a grid of trained volunteers.

What is Nursify?

Nursify is a mobile device application that connects people who need First Aid Help with
volunteers trained to provide First Aid Help.

Which problem are you trying to solve?

The average response time of a medical care vehicle should be 8 minutes for the most
serious cases. However, in many European countries this time limit is not met. As a result,
many lives are lost every year due to delays.
For example, in cardiac arrest problems, the survival percentage when the patient is
transported by an ambulance is at best 20-25% in countries like Norway and Netherlands.
This percentage drops a lot in other countries and in some cases like the UK the percentage
is no more than 6%…


How did you come up with the idea?

We have a First Aid Volunteer background and, after talking with a lot of people that are active
in the area of volunteerism, we found out there are many trained volunteers that can
provide first aid assistance and,  of course CPR,  but there is no way of reaching them.

This means that in an incident there is someone waiting for an ambulance to arrive while there is a strong ossibility that a trained volunteer lives nearby and could provide immediate help.
Obviously, the use of the app is not only for such serious cases. Pain relief, for example, in
a broken limb incident or a burn trauma until medical care arrives or until transition to the
hospital is also a goal of the app.