Startup Europe Awards

Openichnos is the greek winner for the IoT category

Country: Greece

Category: IoT

Project Aim: Openichnos is an energy autonomous global tracking and IoT gateway, aiming at the realisation of the Connected Yacht.

Our initiative

Openichnos uses cutting-edge technology to provide a complete monitoring solution for yacht industry globally. Through Openichnos, the asset owner monitors the environment of the asset combined with sensors’ data from a yacht.

The Problem Openichnos want to solve

The fleet management market is rapidly growing with a significant increase in maintenance cost, fuel consumption and regulations. Yacht charter industry faces severe limitations in fleet management as the majority uses tracking systems that need a power source and are limited to GSM coverage areas. Thus, neither they have continuous transmission of their trace due to lack of power supply nor they cover any possible area their assets may be

The Solutions Openichnos propose


  1. a) Provides an efficient and affordable global tracking monitoring solution with the use of hybrid communication for transmitting its data, combining Satellite and GSM networks with seamless automatic switching from one to another, ensuring the 100% global coverage.
  2. b) Realizes the Connected Yacht approach by introducing the definition of geofencing areas and the adoption of group of sensors receiving real-time data about fleet’s battery and fuel levels, the environmental conditions and possible collisions.
  3. c) Impacts positively to the environment by introducing smart and eco-friendly tracking solutions with 100% energy autonomy.
  4. d) Enables comprehensive support to its users in the form of alerting, early warning, monitoring and emergency management.

Current status

The objectives of Openichnos are to facilitate the materialisation of Openichnos concept into product enabling the creation of a scalable business model with sustainable impact on the environment and society, the fostering of an ever-growing network of sustainability-minded people and companies with deep connections into markets, technologies, and funding.

We want to contribute passionately to social and economic efforts in Greece and moreover to Europe, in order to create thriving economic, employment, and social conditions.