Startup Europe Awards

Packhelp is the polish winner for the creative category

Country: Poland

Category: Creative

Project Aim: Packhelp has been launched in 2016. The idea to start a packaging company has been born due to a very simple reason. We believed that many companies underestimated the real importance of packaging in their business conduct.

It is a great marketing channel, which provided a 100% reach to customers. It allows to convey the message of the brand and philosophy of the company. It also provides product exposure and makes up for a great part of brand awareness.

Furthermore, we saw that the packaging industry before didn’t meet the requirements of many customers. Smaller companies could feel discriminated, as packaging was mostly targeting big partners. Not every business needs thousands of boxes – we understood that beginnings can be much smaller.

What does Packhelp do?

Starting from that point, we believed that there is space for a packaging company that would provide a new quality of service. We decided to change the image of a packaging company by three elements of our competitive advantage:

Shortening production time. Whilst most of companies offered a long production time, we decided to channel efforts to provide a service starting from 14 days of production time. It was a revolutionary idea.

Set a new standard for a minimum order – 30 pieces. Usually, packaging companies forced clients to order big batches of boxes. We wanted to change that image too.

Creating a box should be fun and easy. That is why we developed an online box editor, which allows to create a box without any special graphic skills.

Our box editor is a tool that allows the user to create a box by either uploading a design or starting from scratch with online tools. We have also prepared an app for AR visualisation, which offers a view of the designed box. It is the technological enhancement that ensures our clients that their product is crafted to their needs.

What is Packhelp’s future?

Currently, Packhelp is a company that has localised its offer for seven languages in total – Polish, English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Czech. We have expanded our offer of packaging products and have many plans for further European expansion in 2018.

Finally, Packhelp offers cardboard boxes, because we carry about the environment. The popularity of plastic packaging is fortunately behind us and more eco-friendly solutions are becoming the trend nowadays. That’s why cardboard used by Packhelp is made of recycled materials.

We believe, that Packhelp proves business diversification is important in all European industries. Packaging industry was not delivering a product suited for all customers – we aim at resolving that problem. At the same time, we believe that ideas like ours can really influence changes in the industry.