Tourism is a major economic activity in the European Union with wide-ranging impact on economic growth, employment, and social development, so that it can be a powerful tool in fighting economic decline and unemployment. Nevertheless the tourism sector faces a series of challenges: the economic crisis has seriously affected both the national and transnational tourism.

EU policy aims to maintain Europe’s standing as a leading tourist destination while maximising the industry’s contribution to growth and employment. It also promotes cooperation between EU countries, particularly through the exchange of good practice. The EU’s competence in the tourism sector is one of support and coordination the actions of member countries.

Tourism StartUp Europe Awards, following this massive goal, aims at rewarding the startups working in that Europe keeps it leadership in the tourism sector.


Tourism StartUp Europe Awards aims at recognising startups offering products, services or methodologies addressing: tourism, mobility, hotels, sustainable tourism, applications for tourism, location of establishments, etc.


The most important eligibility criteria are the following:

Sustainability: the product or service must contribute to reduce the ecological impact of the city, thus increasing the sustainability from an environmental, social and economic point of view.

Innovation: We will focus on the grade of innovation, disruption and originality of the startups.

Business model: We will rate the added value to society resulting from the startups (economic viability, private-public collaboration, replicability, etc.).

Social Clauses: job generated, gender policy, social inclusion, collaboration with NGOs, trainees program.

European Dimension: participation in European funded projects, partnership or agreements with other European partners.

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