Startup Europe Awards

PulpyCrisps is the bulgarian winner in Gastronomy category

Country: Bulgaria

Category: Gastronomy

Project aim: In Pulpy Crisps, they have witnessed a high consumption of natural resources and raw materials. However, they are not fully utilized, which in the food industry leads to the disposal of beneficial nutrients. This is also related to the outdated model of linear economy in the business sector where individual manufacturers do not try to close their production chain but generate copious amounts of waste.

Their team saw the possibility to reduce such a “waste”, wongly labelled as such – the fruit pulp left after the production of juices and desserts. A raw material of extremely valuable nutritional quality that is systematically discarded. The pulp contains ½ of the vitamins of the fruit or vegetable as well as 95% of the fibers and 1/3 of the carbohydrates.

What is your project about?

What we offer are crispy fruit and vegetable chips as well as combinations of both. Sweet and salty variations – so you can find the perfect match for you! Our chips are not fried, they are a raw product that is made from 100% natural ingredients, over 90% fruit/vegetable, they have no preservatives and no added sugars. This makes Pulpy Crisps a great choice for vegans, vegetarians, children, people on diets and gym enthusiasts.

What are you doing at this part of the project?

Now we are ready with our first prototype and packaging and have completed successfully our pilot production line. Our product is also starting to get recognized among vegan and vegetarian groups in Bulgaria.

This opportunity means so much because Pulpy Crisps is my passion and it has also become my purpose. More than anything I would like this to become my profession!” Alexandra Nissimova, Pulp Crisps´s CEO