Startup Europe Awards

QWater is the bulgarian winner in Tourism category

Country: Bulgaria

Category: Tourism

Project aim: The motivation to start our project is to protect the natural waters and green areas where usually are situated the closed touristic complexes and small villages. Commonly the position of these areas is remote from sewerage infrastructure and big wastewater treatment plants, which requires the creation of local ones.

What is your project about?

Our project is related to the wastewater treatment. We propose a local wastewater treatment plant which is small, aesthetic, melting into the environment, easy for management, starting and stopping of the process with a lyophilized biological product for fast starting of the process and zeolites as an essential inert material that can be easily cleaned and that creates conditions that exclude the necessity of costs for aeration. It treats the wastewater to a level that allows to be used for irrigation. It solves the wastewater problem in small villages that are not obligated to have wastewater plants. It also contributes to the sustainable production systems in small livestock farms and closed touristic complexes as thus it is closing the loop regarding the water use. We propose individual approach to every case because of the variety of the substances in the wastewaters.


Which one are the climate impacts of our project?

Wastewater treatment near the source of generation (in small villages; near small farms; near big houses; near closed complexes); protection of the water basins from pollution; saving costs for transportation of the wastewater to big wastewater treatment plants; saving costs for aeration; use of the treated water for irrigation in the agriculture; closing the water cycle; contribution to the transition from linear to a circular economy.

Now we have a prototype of the small wastewater treatment plant in which we are testing the process with different biological systems for improvement of the lyophilized biological product and optimizing the operating conditions of the plant.

We offer to our clients a complex service including the small wastewater treatment plant; the lyophilized biological product; control system of the technology; the whole technology; 5) expert consultations for problems solutions and optimization of the process.

The wastewater treatment and the improvement of these kind of processes is a key element for the transition from a linear to a circular economy, for the achievement of sustainable development not only in Bulgaria, not only in Europe but in the entire world.

The recognition to be a candidate for Bulgaria in the European final for us means that we are working in the right direction and that our project could contribute to the protection of our nature and to the sustainable development of the society”. Nora Dinora, Qwater´s CEO.