Startup Europe Awards

SMART LOAD SOLUTIONS is the winner of Estonia in Energy category

Country: Estonia

Category: Energy

Name: Smart Load Solutions

Project Aim: connecting electric heaters with energy markets.



Why you started?

Electricity is one of the most expensive and polluting sources for heating. However, this should not be this way as renewables like solar panels and wind turbines produce electricity with 0€/MWh and they produce 0 CO2 emissions in the process. The problem is of course, that the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing all the time.

How you work?

Our team has solved this problem by shifting the time that heaters consume electricity to the time periods when there is a lot of cheap and environmentally friendly electricity in the grid, produced by most efficient power plants.

How does it work?

That is why we have created Themo, which is an intelligent thermostat for electric floor heating. Themo uses SLS optimization software that can shift automatically energy consumption without causing any discomfort for the end client – it keeps the temperature the user has set but is able to save up to 40% from the electricity cost. To provide the service, SLS is using latest technologies like A.I., IoT, Big Data analysis and cloud computing.


Today we have started the pre-sales of the thermostats and are producing the first patch. After floor heating, we aim to change electric radiators, water heaters and heat pumps. This type of new approach has a huge potential to change how we consume electricity and how we could better utilize renewable energy production to benefit us all.

As the CEO of Smart Load Solutions I am pleased to see that our solution has gained both Estonian and international recognition which is always important for small companies to succeed with their technologies.