Startup Europe Awards

LOVE PRANKS is SEUA Croatia winner in Tourism Category

Country: Croatia

Category: Tourism

Name: Love Pranks

Project Aim: enhance the user experience of contemporary travelers via design, humour and gamification


What is Love Pranks?

With LovePranks we married the traveler’s hunger for unique experiences with the accommodation provider’s desire to convert one-time guests into recurring customers. We created a series of simple, easy to implement, witty installments that help to create memories of fun.

Lets see a demostration od how you work:


Nice to meet you screen to screenJ

We are the LovePranks team – Mihaela & Irena. Lovely to have you with us!

Do you love traveling? Good! Tell us about your last trip. Where did you stay? Did you like the room you were staying in? What did it look like? How did it feel?


Hm… Having trouble remembering? We don’t blame you. Hotel rooms are nice but kind of boringly the same. Seen one… Seen them all.


Now, imagine your next trip.


You check in.  You enter the room.


Oh, there’s a welcome drink on the table waiting for you! That’s nice. And a weather forecast, right next to it! It says “TONIGHT’S FORECAST – 99% CHANCE OF WINE”.  Accompanied by an invitation to the local restaurant, winery, brewery or green juice bar.


Then you notice a heart shaped piece of chocolate on the bed, with a note. “TAKE A BITE OF A LOCAL DELIGHT”, it says, inviting you to a local attraction – an exhibition, a gallery or a concert.


And there are five or six more surprises to be found in your room, depending on how long you are staying. Each one is a playful, well-designed invitation, reminder or instruction.


Now, would you remember such accommodation? Would you recommend it to your friends and colleagues? Well, that’s the idea!



‘Witty tokens of appreciation designed to enhance the user experience of contemporary travelers via design, humour and gamification’